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Is It Worth Being A Vegan?

Many people are animal lovers but not many of them are willing to sacrifice eating meat for the sake of keeping the animals alive. There are many myths associated with veganism such as vegan depression and that makes some people fear making the switch. But is it really worth being a vegan? Well there are many benefits associated with veganism that it may be worth trying it out. They include:

Is It Worth Being A Vegan?

Is It Worth Being A Vegan?

Weight loss

Being vegan is an easy way of losing weight and most people switch to veganism for the purposes of losing weight. As compared to animal protein, plant protein is easy to digest, has less calories and low cholesterol levels and that can help in losing weight. For the case of plant proteins that have fats they have healthy fats that are easy to shed off as compared to animal fats. That explains why in most cases you will find that vegans are slimmer than non-vegans.

Lowers blood sugar levels

Since plant based diets are easy to digest, they help in lowering blood sugar levels which also helps in improving the kidney function helping in keeping type 2 diabetes at bay. Plant based diets also help to increase insulin sensitivity which also helps in protecting against type 2 diabetes. Vegan diets are also beneficial for diabetes patients and can help in lowering the sugar levels fast.

Protects against cancer

Most types of cancers have a link to animal protein due to high cholesterol levels and longer digestion hours. That is why WHO still maintains that most cancers can be prevented by the choice of our diets. Plant based diets are easy to maintain and hence are healthier alternatives. A vegan diet which is normally rich in legumes, fruits and vegetables has the potential of reducing deaths caused by cancer by up to 15%. Soy, which is a common ingredient in vegan diets, has been known to reduce the risk of breast cancers. Animal protein especially processed meats has been linked with prostrate, breast and colon cancer and with vegan diets you can avoid all that. Vegan diets are rich in fiber which helps in fighting colon cancer. Plant diets are rich in phytochemicals which help the body to heal from cancer.

Lowers the risk of heart diseases

Most heart diseases have been caused by cholesterol deposits on the heart and that is mainly caused by animal proteins. With a vegan diet you can avoid cholesterol and that will ensure optimum functioning of the heart and reduce the chance of getting heart diseases by 46%. With the optimum functioning of the heart, there are lower risks of developing high blood pressure by 75%. Saturated fat that is from animal products is also a culprit when it comes to heart diseases. By being on a vegan diet one is able to avoid saturated fats and thus be healthier. Vegan diets are high in potassium which helps in stimulating the kidneys to release toxins and proper functioning of the heart.