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10 Endangered Species That People Should Stop Eating

Stopping animal sacrifice isn’t about turning the world into vegetarians.  In a world filled with vegetarians, our animal life will quickly become more endangered than ever before because people will be reluctant to breed with animals since they don’t serve any purpose other than reservation for a future generation.  Stopping animal sacrifice is more about keeping animal brutality at bay and about monitoring endangered species so they don’t become extinct.

Yes, you can buy that steak knife set

Yes, it is still ok to buy that glorious steak knife set that you have always dreamt off because animals aren’t off the menu as long as you stick to species that aren’t endangered.  You can definitely invest in that fine quality steak knife set so you can cut through juicy beef steaks, enjoy delicious lamb chops and delight in quality pork sausages because these are the types of animals that are bred for eating and very far from endangered.  For more information on the best steak knife sets, you can check out the site GetYourKnives.com.

10 Endangered Species That People Should Stop Eating

10 Endangered Species That People Should Stop Eating

10 endangered species that people still eat

While you are enjoying your delicious steak you should probably take note of 10 endangered species that some people are actually still eating…today…despite all warnings.  This is a habit that people need to stop…right now…before it is too late to save these species:

  1. Chinese giant salamander – The Chinese giant salamander is the largest amphibian in the world and is currently still a delicacy in China despite the fact that they are endangered and illegal to hunt.
  1. Gorillas – It is hard to think that anyone could eat these giant apes and yet they are still facing terrible population declining because locals eat them and export body parts.
  1. Caribou – Rare populations are still being hunted despite the fact that these animals are illegal to hunt in certain parts of North America.
  1. Fin Whales – This is another delicacy in China. Fin whales are endangered and yet they are still being hunted and even sold on store shelves.
  1. African Elephants – These animals are mostly poached for their ivory but a lot more of this endangered species is being hunted for meat in the past few years.
  1. Green sea turtles – The friendly giants of the sea is hunted for their shells, leather and for their flesh. Even eggs are used in delicacies in Hawaii despite the fact that it is completely illegal.
  1. River dolphins – These freshwater dolphins mostly live in the Amazon Rivers. We cannot really say that people are still eating them because they became extinct in 2006 due to consumption and pollution.
  1. Sharks – Sharks are hunted for their fins…only their fins. The rest of their bodies are usually discarded and the fins are dried out and used in soup in Asia.
  1. Seldangs – The gaur or selling looks a lot like a cow because it is a wild relative of the commonly consumed cattle. The species is found in South Asia and is becoming endangered because they are hunted for their meat.
  1. Bluefin tuna – This tuna species is popular in a certain sushi in Japan despite the fact that harvesting this species is illegal and highly restricted.