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Using Animals to Test Makeup Products Is Wrong

Using Animals to Test Makeup Products

The practice of testing new products on animals has been used for both scientific and commercial interests. To some extent, the capitalist and commercial systems today are successful because of the animals that have been tested upon. No sector of the economy has benefitted more than the make-up and beauty markets. However, this practice raises many serious questions about the morals and ethics of animal testing.

Furthermore, it alluded to the argument that animal rights are violated when they are being tested upon. Despite the fact that a large part of the population indirectly depends on animal testing to get their products, animal testing should be condemned and even banned.

Many people expect animal testing for makeup products to be whether a rabbit looks better in red lipstick or blue lipstick. However, the reality for the animals is that these tests have nothing to do with looks or style. Instead, the tests are meant for chemical exposure and ingredient side effects. They include skin and eye irritation tests where products are put on naked skin or eyes without pain relief and often in restraint. Studies are also conducted to test long term health hazards or death due to overuse. These animals are often put to death at the end of testing and are certainly not given a dignified life or death. Not only do these facts about testing validate a cruel and uncompassionate life, they clearly are in conflict with animal rights. In fact, these tests also go again human rights if humans were the test subjects!

By now, enough testing and research has been conducted on a myriad of chemicals to know which ones are safe and cosmetic companies have enough material to use for releasing new products. The argument is that the very least we could do is stop testing now because there is no need to anymore. Yet, companies continually keep testing in search for the most cost efficient way to create products.

Furthermore, tests often become more variable and inconclusive at the expense of the animal. Lawmakers have already validated many chemicals known to be safe in order for companies to avoid legal trouble. The fact that companies have so many non-cruel options for makeup testing raises many questions as to how animal rights are not being respected.read more from http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-filmmakers-need-permission-for-using-animals-in-shoots-govt-2185962

Finally, many have argued that humans often get tested to for medical and commercial research. Despite the fact that this is true, it does not validate the testing for animals. Humans are able to give consent to the testing they are about to go to. These tests are usually non-lethal and are often used to better the lives of fellow humans. Animal testing neither have consent nor are bettering the lives of other animals. They are simply for improving the looks of humans. Testing on animals for the commercial interests of humans is inhumane and violates animal rights.

Using Animals to Test Makeup Products

All animal lovers agree that animals should be treated with compassion and respect. The question of testing makeup products on animals is a very hotly debated one. Many argue that the pain and cruelty inflicted on animals during testing for the interests for human beings is a violation of their rights. If humans wish to have their rights respected, then cosmetic companies should begin to recognize that testing makeup products on animals is wrong.continue reading..