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Good Reasons Why You Should Stop Hunting

Do you know that over the past years, those who hunt for animals are doing it not because it is necessary but because they find it thrilling or fun? Just imagine if the same would be done to you. You have to be hunted because people find this thrilling. Would you like to be the prey? No one would like to become prey to hunters so why do people expect that animals would like to be hunted?

There are some people who may still need to be convinced about why they should stop hunting and if you are one of them then you should try to become open minded as good reasons are stated why you should stop what you are doing.

Good Reasons Why You Should Stop Hunting

  1. Hunting is not a sport.

You should remember that hunting cannot be considered a sport because it is a sport when two living beings do things together wherein one would win and one would lose. In hunting, the prey would die while the human would be victorious. This is highly unfair for a lot of the animals who are being hunted. They are not happy about it so what gives you the right in order to take their lives.

  1. Most animals suffer before they die.

It is rare that hunters are able to make clean kills because most of the time, hunters are not that good in killing their pray immediately. Some animals even survive the encounter but their lives are never the same again. There are even some animals that are shot first and then shot again by other hunters after some time because they are still alive.

  1. It is already a business.

There are a lot of places that are being opened to a lot of people not because the area already needs to be hunted but because a lot of other people are earning a lot of money in the process. There are a lot of employees who get money because of it so they encourage hunters to flock certain areas instead of trying to stop hunters from doing what they want to do. Employees should know how to implement the rules and regulate things.

  1. Some non – targets also become victims of hunting.

You have to remember that there are a lot of other animals that are being hunted even though they are not supposed to be hunted. For instance, dogs and cats also get killed because some hunters assume that they are different animals. Some hunters are also shot and killed in the process especially when they are wearing camouflage gear that can make them look similar to other animals.

  1. People may become more violent because of hunting.

There are some people who start out by hunting animals but later on progress to killing other people. There are some who are naturally born with an evil streak or become different because of how they are raised and hunting may be their stepping stone before they become more violent in the long run.

Hunting is truly different from what your profession is. If you are just one of the mortgagebroker247.com.au who would like to feel relaxed, remember that there are different things that you can do instead in order to get the relaxation that you are searching for. Stop hunting and do other things instead.