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Foods Your Dog Can and Cannot Eat

A lot of experts would say that you should not feed your dog scraps from your food because you may hurt your dog unintentionally but there are actually some food products that you can eat that are also good for your dog. Of course, you may have some questions like can dogs eat berries that you would like to answer at the soonest possible time.

Dogs can eat certain types of berries. Although some berries should be avoided like mistletoe berries, poke berries and cherries. If you truly want your dog to taste some berries, black berries can be a good option. This is loaded with antioxidants that does not only benefit you but will be good for your dog as well.

Foods Your Dog Can and Cannot Eat

Aside from berries though, what are other human food products that dogs can also eat? Here are just a few:

  1. Peanut Butter – Do you love using peanut butter as your main bread spread? Perhaps you like peanut butter because of its natural taste or maybe you know that it has a lot of benefits. This can also be beneficial for your dog just make sure to pick a peanut butter brand that does not contain ingredients that will be bad for your dog. The right peanut butter can give your dog the protein that it needs.
  2. Salmon – You may love raw salmon, smoked salmon or even broiled salmon and you know that your dog will love it too. Your dog can benefit from the Omega 3 Fatty Acids that salmons are rich with. This can also make your dog’s coat healthier looking and shinier.
  3. Cottage Cheese – When it comes to feeding your dog something that may be a bit bland, this is the one that you should give. This can be a good source of protein and it can also provide the amount of calcium that your dog needs. Just avoid feeding this if your dog has trouble digesting different forms of dairy.

The above mentioned food products are some of the food that your dog can eat. Now, you should know the various foods that your dog should not eat.

  1. Chocolate – There is a good reason why dogs are not supposed to eat chocolate and this is because of the caffeine that can be found in it. Too much of this certain type of caffeine can cause serious health problems and can even cause death.
  2. Grapes and Raisins – You may be wondering why this is harmful for your dog when this can give you a lot of benefits. Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure to dogs so even if your dog is begging to get grapes and raisins, you should give any to your dog.
  3. Alcohol – There is a big possibility that you are tempted to see what will happen to your dog if you would feed it a small amount of alcohol. If your dog will start to feel woozy and intoxicated, this can already result to death.

Be careful about the foods that you are going to feed your dog so that you can be sure of your dog’s health and well-being.