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Why Are Fish The Best Pets?

Fish are known as natural healers. They are animals which have always been present to help their own in times of need. It is true that fish cannot run or you cannot pet them every now and then, but they have many other interesting characteristics, which make them the best pets. When you are having a down day and you just want to relax, look at your pet fish swimming peacefully. This will immediately uplift your mood and make you better. There are several other reasons why fish are said to be the best pets. Some are explained below:

Why Are Fish The Best Pets?

Why Are Fish The Best Pets?

The joy of catching your own fish

With the perfect Fish Finder, you can now catch your own fish. If you are someone who loves to travel and stay connected with the environment, you need to buy a fish finder. You can get good deals online or from your local store. They are not expensive at all and last for a very long time. There are many companies which have added features installed in the fish finders. The core purpose of a fish finder is to help you observe the fish more closely. You can then catch the one you like the best. With this, you establish a connection with your pet. You cannot do this with other animals, as most of them are stray and can be dangerous for your physical wellbeing. Furthermore, you can give these fish as a gift to someone who has been looking for a pet.


Fish are not expensive at all. In fact, according to research fish are the cheapest pets to have. If you go out to buy them, you can easily get a very good deal. They are also not expensive to keep even in the long term. The food they eat can be bought or made at home using ingredients which are widely available here and there. Compared to other pets, fish also eat very less. Just a few crumbs and they are good to go. Cleaning out fish houses is easy. You do not need extra help or you do not have to hire someone to assist you. In addition, fish do not lead extra accessories like leashes or eating bowls. They just require a nice aquarium.


Fish do not make any noise. If you are someone who works hard all day and wants to come back home to a nice quiet environment, then fish are definitely your best bet. One of the best things about fish is that they in turn like to live in a place which is not too noisy. You can keep them in your room or in the kitchen and spend time with them whenever you can. They also do not require any extra attention. A peaceful pet is a blessing after coming home and taking out a can and watching television.

No extra attention

Unlike many other animals, fish do not require extra attention. For example, cats and dogs want their owner to pet them and take them out on walks. They will not stop wagging their tails and making noise until you do as they want. For someone who does not even have enough time to take care of them, this can be a terrible ordeal. With fish, you just have to give them food and watch them swim around. A fish truly is a blessing that most people do not acknowledge. After reading the benefits of having a fish, you should get one just to experience the joy. Reduce your worries and invest in peaceful pets.

Catch and Release Fishing – Is It Cruel Or Ok?

Fishing is one of the most enjoyed sports in the world.  Sadly over fishing has had a tremendous effect on natural fish numbers and left a lot of fish species endangered.  The next step that governments took was to enforce fishing licenses which restricted fishermen to certain amounts of catches per specie in order to keep fish species from getting extinct and to try and create a good balance that isn’t harmful to the environment.  These restrictions and the fact that many fishermen don’t like to actually consume the fish they catch have resulted in a catch and release fishing trend.

Catch and Release Fishing – Is It Cruel Or Ok?

But the big question is; is catch and release fishing cruel or is it ok?

It certainly is better for the environment than killing

It isn’t very likely that fishermen are just going to quit on their favorite sport.  A lot more awareness has to be done before fishermen will decide against fishing.  And even if everyone stops fishing the world’s natural resources do depend on a certain number of fish reductions in order to prevent overpopulation which can also result in endangerment of certain species.  Fish is also one of the biggest protein or meat food sources that many people rely on for survival.  If you consider all of this aspect then fishing is probably inevitable.  Catch and release methods certainly are better than killing all the fish you catch for the following reasons;

  • Sportsmen and women get to enjoy themselves without actually killing or with reduced effects on dwindling fishing populations
  • Because fishermen cannot exactly control what will take their bait they have no control over exactly what they drag out of the water. Sometimes you end up catching specie that isn’t suitable for consumption, sometimes you can snare an endangered species on your hook and sometimes the fish is just too small.  In these cases catch and release is essential.

It all depends on your methods

Yes, fish will get hurt during the catching and reeling in process but catch and release methods doesn’t have to be fatal or quite as horrid if fishermen use the right tools.  You can successfully catch and release fish without killing them and without hurting them too much.  For one thing you can use a small hook that will cause less damage than other larger hooks like spinners.  For another thing you can use a net to scoop your catch from the water to minimize damage as far as possible.

The right gear will help

Of course it is absolutely terrible if your line snaps and the fish ends up swimming away with a hook still in its jaw.  You can reduce the chances of this happening by investing in the right gear.  The right reel, for example, greatly reduces the chances of the line snapping off.  Click on learn more to scout for some of the best reels for fishing and to get more fishing advice and tips that will help you perfect your fishing skills and reduce animal sacrifice while you enjoy your sport.

Choosing a Fish Finder

There is nothing as bad as buying a fish finder then you notice it can’t meet your needs. And that is why it is important to know the features to look out for when looking for a fish finder to make sure you get the right fish finder. Different people have different needs and hence what may work for one may not necessarily work for the other and hence one should define the needs so as to know what features to look out for in a fish finder. Some of the factors to consider in choosing a fish finder include:

Choosing a Fish Finder


The frequency may either be single, dual or multiple. Frequency will influence the transducer and this will have an effect on the cone angle. Many transducers will come in frequencies of 50, 83, 192 or 200 kHz. Higher frequencies of 192 or 200 are best suited for shallow waters while low frequencies best suited for deep waters. The higher the frequency of the fish finder the more the detail it will show. High frequency means there are many sonar waves that are being sent and received by the transducer.


The higher the power of a fish finder the faster it can display readings and the deeper the readings can be. Power is measured in wattage (W). Low power finders are suited for shallow waters while high power is suited for deep waters. If the power is low it means that the sonar waves will be slow thus making reading fuzzier. That is why a high power will translate to a faster reading and a clear reading.


Screen resolution of your fish finder has an impact on the clarity of the display and thus the more the screen resolution the better.

A color screens are always better and that is why they are a standard in most electronics. A color screen will give you more detail and will make the fish finding experience more exciting. Color screens can be used in whatever lighting and weather even in the dark they will still is outstanding. Black and white screens are still there but very rare.


They are the main units that send and receive sonar waves after which it will send the data picked from the water to the main unit after which the signal will be translated to a picture. There are many kinds of transducers the common one being the transom mounts transducer.

Cone angle

Cone angle is the width of a beam that can be sent from the bottom of the boat into the water. It is placed where the transducer is and is thin and pointy at that point but gets wider as it goes down. The wider the angle the more the area it can cover. You should however remember the wider it gets the less sensitive it becomes.


Those are the main features to look out for when choosing a fish finder but there may be many more. There are many fish finders across a different price range and there are sites where you can find a listing of best fish finder under 500 that is worth checking at.