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How to Get a Pedigree Cat Cheaply or Free: Save Money and Help Cats by Adopting a Persian, Siamese, or Similar

Pedigree Cat

With kittens of known breeds costing more than $500, many prospective owners think that having a pedigree cat is beyond their means. But there is another way. Pedigree cats do come up for adoption, either through ordinary cat rescue organizations, or specialist pedigree cat rescue societies. Or it is sometimes possible to acquire ex-breeding pedigree cats. So how can you go about this?

Pedigree Cat

A Pedigree Cat from a Rescue Organisation

A prospective owner should contact the rescue centre and tell them what breed he is interested in. Many cat lovers fear that they will be looked down on by rescue organizations for having specific preferences in this way, but this is not the case. Cat rescue centres like to know that they can find a good home for a breed with specific needs. For instance, Persian cats need owners who are prepared to spend time grooming them, and Siamese cats hate to be alone and have loud voices.

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A Pedigree Cat From a Breed-Specific Rescue Society

There are a number of rescue organizations for specific breeds. The prospective owner can either do a web search, or contact the breed club for that cat breed, as some rescue organisations are affiliated to the breed club. This may be a faster way of getting the cat breed you want than waiting for one to appear at a general cat rescue organization.

An Ex-Breeding Queen or Stud Cat

Some cat breeders sell on their ex-breeding queens or stud cats, after neutering them, after a few years or if the cat is not doing that well at shows, for instance. This can be a way of obtaining a show quality pedigree cat at very little or no cost. However, do remember that some of these cats will have been kept indoors for all of their lives, and may not be used to ordinary family activity.

Some breed rescue organizations re-home ex-breeding cats, but others do not. The prospective owner may be best to do a search and then contact specific breeders, who may well advertise if they are passing on their cats.

Points to Bear in Mind When Re-Homing a Pedigree Cat

These cats may be in need of a home for a specific reason, e.g. they do not get on with dogs or children, or they mess the house. Find out first and make sure it is something you can cope with.

Owners should be familiar with the breed, or find out what it is like in advance. Do not take on a Persian, for instance, unless you have time to groom it regularly.

Prospective owners may have to wait a while for the more popular breeds, so do not be in a hurry. Those who want kittens will probably be disappointed, as these are rarely available for re-homing.

Taking on any cat, pedigree or otherwise, is a lifetime commitment, and prospective owners should regard it as such. But if you decide to re-home a cat in need, of any breed, then the best of luck!