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Reasons for Yulin Festival to Stop

Animal sacrificing is something that has been done for a long period of time. There are a lot of writings in the ancient times wherein animals were used for different purposes. Fast forward to today and animals are still being used for a wide variety of things.

When it comes to testing skin and makeup products, animals are being used for this purpose too. If there are bad effects that will happen to the animals, the makeup will be modified and tested on them all over and over again. This is bad for the animals and can also cost them their lives.

There are festivals that are being done all over the world that are just considered to be mundane for recent times and one of these is the Yulin Festival held in China. Basically, this is a festival where thousands of dogs are slaughtered. Many people from all over the world are against this but this festival still continues.

Reasons for Yulin Festival to Stop

While it is considered to be part of China’s tradition, is it enough that just because it is traditional, it should not be stopped? Tradition should be part of growth so that new traditions that are kept with the changing times can be considered normal but if a tradition hinders people from growing, and then this is a bad sign.

Here are other reasons why Yulin Festival has to be stopped:

  1. Dogs that are slaughtered are often stolen.

The dogs that are slaughtered and sold in some restaurants are stolen from homes, stolen from owners who love and care for them. Usually, those who steal them hit them with poison so that they can be stolen easily. The fact that they are stolen means that it is a black market, something that should be stopped immediately. Some steal dog meat so that they can get money. Definitely, this is different from getting payroll services Australia as the money is usually given in person by the leader.

  1. There may be dangers in eating dog meat.

Dog meat is unlike any other type of meat. They are prone to getting infections and other viruses because of mingling and fighting with other dogs. They are particularly hard to rise for eating because they are considered to be more as companions rather than food. For stolen dogs who were poisoned, cooking dog meat might still make some of the meat filled with poison which can cause harm to people who will eat it.

  1. China’s image may be tarnished because of the festival.

More and more people are growing angry at China for letting this festival go on despite the protests of many people all over the world. If it would come to a point when people will boycott everything that is related to China, this can affect not only China’s economy but the whole world. China may need to rethink everything before the next Yulin Festival is set to happen again.

Killing cats and dogs are considered to be inhumane and taboo by a lot of people. The modernity of life states that they should be loved and cared for instead of slaughtered and killed. Hopefully, the end is near for this festival.