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Animal Democracy

If you thought democracy is important for only human beings, then you are wrong. Animals too have democracy and it is equally important to them. Just the way we need democracy as humans for fairness, equity and justice, is the same way animals need it. Many people have never stopped to think what actually happens in the human kingdom, but it’s not our fault, lifestyles have become busy and lives demanding that we only focus on what are important. Well, animals too have a form of government that governs them to ensure democracy is practiced. It is only with democracy that they can live in harmony and at peace with one another.

Animal Democracy

What is democracy?

Democracy according to the definition of the Greek means ‘ruled by people’. It is where a government makes decisions according to wishes of the people of the state. Normally the government would make a decision according to the majority vote.

There are mainly two types of democracy, direct democracy and representative democracy. Direct democracy as the name suggests is whereby one can be able to vote independently about an issue. It is mostly suitable for small groups. On the other hand representative democracy is whereby a group of people are elected to be representative of the whole population in decision making. It is most popular with large groups.

Democracy is all about individual freedom such as human rights like freedom of speech, freedom of belief and freedom of choice.

Concept of animal democracy

As much as democracy is popular with humans, it is believed is started off in the animal kingdom. Just like all humans are equal, it is believed that all animals are equal too and hence they have equal access to rights and should be treated equally. It is believed that also animals make collective decisions. They just do it in a different way than humans, humans vote but animals have their own way of making decisions mostly regarding where to live or where to forage.

There are however some animals that practice democracy more than others. A good example is bees which are good at depicting democracy. An example on how they make collective decision is when they have to split their colonies in the beginning of summer. Most colonies around that time are too big and hence they have to split into two, one group will remain at the same place and the other will have to look for a different location. When the departing group finds a suitable location, its scouts survey the local area and a suitable location for a new hive. Each scout will perform a waggle dance in front of its mates when it finds a location. The scouts will go on for several days until they find enough consensuses for a location. Some scouts will stop the search and endorse the most popular location.


Democracy is important to both humans and animals and that is why organizations such as Foundation for Defense of Democracies are very relevant to make sure that there is democracy for all.