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Some Facts on Animal Cloning

It seems that there are some people who are into doing projects that they have never been done before. For instance, for some people who would like to reach a milestone, they usually save up money with the use of their self managed super fund so that they can achieve that milestone eventually.

Sometimes, people have milestones depending on the profession that they have. For instance, scientists felt that it was a success that they were able to do cloning. Of course, cloning animals were not always that successful. It took a lot of misses before Dolly the Sheep became a household name not only because it was the first successful cloned animal, it was also able to reproduce.

Some Facts on Animal Cloning

Since then, there are a lot of things that have changed. Scientists now are able to clone various animals. They can even clone humans if they would choose too but there are a lot of debates going on about how ethical this is. It is a wonder why there are so many people who are against human cloning when they did not raise too much process in animal cloning. Did people ever think about the effect that it would have on animals? Probably not.

There are some reasons why animal cloning should already stop:

  • Cloning still comes with a lot of complications. There is a chance that the animal that is carrying the clone can die because of the various situations that may arise.
  • Some birth defects have more possibility of occurring. There are still a lot of animal clones that are unsuccessful and as a result, the animal dies or is unable to live for a long period of time.
  • Some defects do not necessarily occur during birth. The effects may occur later on and this can eventually kill the clone.
  • There are some companies who have already stated that they will not purchase animal meat or even animals that have been cloned in fear that their companies will be related to some unethical issues.
  • Some people still feel that cloning is like playing God especially those who believe in religion and would therefore boycott anything that may be related to cloning

Of course even if there are some bad effects that can be said about cloning, there are some points raised by people who are into cloning that should not go unnoticed.

  • This can help some endangered animals to not become extinct. There are some animals that have been hunted down and killed by humans over the past decades that are in danger of being wiped out from the face of this earth. Cloning can help increase their population again.
  • Animal cloning will allow the exact replication of animals that may be loved by a lot of people already yet there are still some people who are saying that this is unethical.

With all of these issues that are mentioned above, what do you think about cloning? Do you think that this is something that must go on or do you think that it should be stopped soon?