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The Benefits to Adopting a Pet

Are you considering getting a pet for your family? Can’t decide which animal to get? Picking a pet can be hard. Whether you decide to get a cat, dog, or any other animal. We recommend you adopt one, shelters across the US have over 6 million animals. You can go to an animal shelter nearby and see which one you would like to adopt. Why should you adopt a pet? We have a few reasons to why you should adopt an animal.


Save an animal’s life

There is nothing more rewarding than saving a living being’s life. That is pretty much what you will be doing when you adopt a pet. But don’t do it out of pity, do it because you want to. Remember it’s always better to show empathy than sympathy. You can go down to your local animal shelter or adoption agency and decide on which pet you want. You will be doing a great service and greatly improving the animal’s quality of life. You can get a dog with allergies or a cat with a limp but through your proper care, you will improve its quality of life.


Save money

When adopting an animal, you save up on quite a lot. The animals usually are already vaccinated and checked for illnesses and diseases. Not only that, when you adopt you pretty much do it for free. There may be slight adoption fee, but you will save up a lot of money rather than when you go and buy an animal.


The animal you adopt will be healthy

As an animal is introduced to the shelter it goes through a check up process. In which it is neutered and screened for illnesses and diseases. They are also vaccinated. This means that when you adopt the animal it would have already gone through this process ensuring you get a healthy pet.


No support for puppy mills

A lot of pet stores that sell dogs get their dogs from puppy mills. Puppy mills are farms that are used to

house hundreds of dogs which are used to breed. They usually keep them in not so good conditions. So by adopting, you choose not to fund these mills which is another good deed.


Have a variety of animal to choose from

At an animal shelter, you will have quite a variety of animals to choose from. You will have different breeds of cats, dogs, along with other animals. Not only that, but you can easily pick the age, sex, and so on. Numerous agencies even have websites where you can search for a pet so you can even do so from the comforts of your home.

There are numerous benefits of adopting a pet. Nothing beats the satisfaction you get from saving an animal’s life and watching it grow in front of you. There are also numerous benefits to keeping a pet especially if you have children. So don’t waste your time thinking about it. Visit an animal shelter near you and decide on a pet to adopt for your family.

How to Be A Good Foster Pet Parent

In order to improve the life of a homeless pet, you have an option to become a foster pet parent. Overpopulation has caused a lot of pets to become homeless and to not have the love and care that they deserve. If you would make an effort to provide a pet with what they need even temporarily, you can improve its life wholeheartedly.

Being a pet lover, you may always want to adopt as many as you can but because of the lack of space or your fear that you would not be able to take care of them all, you limit yourself to the number of pets that you can care for. Still, it will be hard to deny some pets the chance that they deserve. Those who are in shelters for a long period of time are euthanized. If you would extend your home for a certain period of time to a homeless pet until they find their forever home, you would be saving a life.

How to Be A Good Foster Pet Parent

If you would like to know more about what may possibly happen to pets if you do not give them a chance, you can check out Barbara Bruin. You can find more inspiring stories about how some pets have been saved from doom. It will make you realize that you can do the same. You can also become a good foster parent to the pet that you are going to care for a limited period of time.

Here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Make sure that you will register with the right rescue organization that you want to help. You can register with them and be prepared that you are going to be interviewed. They have to make sure that you will keep the pet safe and well cared for even if it is going to be only temporary.
  2. Double check if you have all of the requirements that they may require before you will be allowed to foster care a pet. If you are going to be foster parent to a dog, you may be required to have a fence on your lawn or garden to give the dog a chance to go around. At the same time, your house may be checked if it is conducive for pets.
  3. Bring home the pet that you are going to care for. Remember that it is normal to be attached to the pet. There may even be times when you would decide to adopt the pet entirely but if in case your foster pet founds it forever home, you need to be happy for the pet. You may feel sad at the same time too because you will miss the pet’s presence.
  4. While you still have the chance, make sure that you will follow the diet prescribed for the pet. Depending on the dog or cat you are going to foster care, there may be some diets that need to be followed.

With all of these tips in mind, becoming a foster parent to a cat or dog will not be too hard to do anymore. You may find more details here about the requirements before you can become a foster pet parent.

How Photos Can Be Used To Stop Animal Cruelty

Do you love photos and animals?   Then you can make a big difference in the world.  The things some people do to animals are unbelievable.  Animals and pets are innocent.  They don’t know right from wrong.  All their actions and emotions are raw and natural.  Even attacking impulses are in their nature and they cannot be blamed for these impulses.  But humans are different.  They have the knowledge to understand their actions which is why it is so terrible to see some people harm animals out of spite.  If you are good at photos or have a love for photography and pets then you can make a big change in the lives by stopping animal cruelty.

How Photos Can Be Used To Stop Animal Cruelty

Notify people of animal cruelty through photos

A lot of people have no idea of how some people treat their pets and even wild animals.  By taking photos of the things that happen to animals you can create awareness in the world.  The more people you can convince to stand up against animal cruelty the sooner these horrid treatments will end because those who do harm animals will be shunned and put in their place.

Shame those that harm animals by sharing photos

People who harm animals still want to be liked by their friends.  By sharing their tedious actions on social media they will be shamed and they will lose the respect of their friends, family and society in general.  You can shame these animal abusers by sharing photos of their actions and linking their names to it so they will never harm animals again.

Create a worldwide love for animals with photos

People are more willing to protect beautiful creatures.  By taking better photos of wildlife, nature and pets you will imprint a natural love for these creatures in everyone who sees your photography.  If people love the animals in your photos they will learn to also love the animals in real life.

Improve a pet’s chances of adoption with photos

There are a lot of people out there who would love to adopt a pet but don’t have the time or heart to make it to animal shelters.  You and your camera can improve the chances of adoption for pets in these shelters.  All you have to do is stock up on some pet accessories like ties, hats and scarves grab your camera and head to the nearby shelter.  If you spice up the look of a pet a bit, give him or her name and share the image on social media, everyone will see the pet and how cute they are.

Learn how to take better photos

If you don’t know how to take good photos then you simply must check out some online photography classes.  CreativeLive is a great website that is loaded with the best photography tutorials and online classes.  These video tutorials have the best tips and tricks for photography and will definitely teach you all there is to know about photography.  You can choose from a great variety of courses such as newborn photography courses, portrait courses, family shoot courses and much more.

Can Hunting Save Animals From Extinction?

A lot of animals are in danger of extinction.  The biggest reason why these animals suffer so much to survive is because people are stealing their natural habitat and converting these areas into mass cities.  Mass cities are popping up everywhere and every time a new building, road or factory goes up, there is less space for animals.  A lot of people are against hunting because they believe that hunting is one of the causes for extinction.  But hunting is actually saving animals from extinction.

How hunting saves animals from extinction

Let’s take lions for example.  Lions are dangerous.  You cannot just contain a lion on a property.  The property needs proper fencing, electric wiring and lots of other wildlife to feed a lion.  In South Africa it is illegal to keep a lion without proper safety barriers.  These safety barriers and the food a lion consumes makes it incredibly expensive to maintain a lion and you need a good income from lions to make up for the expense of maintaining lions or you will be broke in just a few months.  Without hunting there is no way someone can earn from keeping a lion, which means there is no way someone is going to keep a lion on his land.  If no one has lions, no one can breed baby lions… thus… extinction.  If lions are a profitable business, more people will keep them and breed with them.  And the same rules apply for each and every other animal that walks this earth.  There is simply no room in conservations to keep all animals from extinction.  Land owners are the biggest key players in keeping animals alive and active and they can only do this through hunting.

Can Hunting Save Animals From Extinction?

Hunt in a cruel friendly way

With that said, no animal should ever suffer a tedious death.  People who are cruel to animals or who use animals for testing should be punished because every animal, human and creature deserves a peaceful and happy life.  If you love to hunt then you should get the best hunting gear possible so the animals that die by your hand don’t suffer.  You also have to always practice clean hunting by refraining from alcohol during hunts.

Practice makes perfect

No one becomes a perfect shot overnight.  You need to practice through target shooting a lot to perfect your shooting skills so you won’t miss or injure an animal on hunts.

The best hunting bows for bow hunters

Bow hunters should check out diamond infinite edge reviews to scout some of the best, high quality hunting bows on the market.  These fantastic bows are great for new hunters, women and youths who are still perfecting their skills and developing their arm muscles.  This bow is also affordable, highly adjustable and incredibly light so you can be as flexible as you need to be when you are taking on the wild.  With a good hunting bow you can shoot much more accurately, hunt much more silently and be sure that every time you release that string will be a dead on hit.

Why Every Animal Lover Needs a Water Softener

Furry friends are the best companions in the world.  Your beloved pet can keep you company when no one is around and give you a terrific laugh with all of the crazy things that cats, dogs and bunnies do.  The only down side to pets is that it is quite hard to clean up after them because they can easily leave behind a whole trail of hair and mud after a busy day.  As a pet lover you and your pets can be healthier, cleaner and live easier by simply investing in a water softener.

Why Every Animal Lover Needs a Water Softener

What is a water softener?

Water softeners are devices that clean up the natural water feed to your home.  Most homes have hard water that contains a lot of minerals and chemicals which can cause a lot of medical conditions and makes home life a lot harder since hard water has a tendency to make things dirtier.  When you have a water softener your home’s water becomes cleaner and healthier which in return creates a much healthier and easier life for pet lovers.

Best water softener on the market

There are plenty of different water softeners on the market.  They vary in functionality, brand, price and more.  One of the best water softeners for home owners with pets is the Fleck Water Softener Systems since these units has modern technology that provides care free water and the Fleck is incredibly affordable and durable.  The Fleck brand is also one of the most durable and affordable systems on the market.

Cleaner and more durable clothing

Water softeners are an absolute must for pet owners because you will need to wash your clothes much more often due to the mess that pets can cause.  The softer water will help your clothes last a lot longer and be a lot more vibrant because softer water does not because staining and buildup in fabric which makes your clothes look new even when they are old.

Enjoy a cleaner home

Washing your pets in the shower and tub can leave behind a lot of soap scum which is terribly hard to clean off.  When you have softer water you can still wash your pets in the tub and enjoy less scrubbing since soap cannot react to the minerals and cause buildup in your home.

Such soft hair!

Your hair and your pet’s hair will be much softer and will fall out much less because softer water improves health and will make your hair feel softer and healthier.

Save money so you can donate more

Your plumbing won’t get clogged up as much and home appliances will last a lot longer so you can spend more on your pets or on donating to organizations that fight animal cruelty.

Be healthier

Cleaner water is much healthier to you and your pets.  Hard water has a tendency to cause a lot of skin irritations and can make you feel dirty and dried out.  When you have softer water you and your pet will be ultimately healthier.

How You Can Enjoy Guns without Killing Animals

It can be tough to say goodbye to a hobby that has been in your family for centuries.  And luckily thanks to technological advancements you don’t have to.  Just because you don’t like killing animals and hunting does not mean that you have to break family traditions completely or say goodbye to this sport completely. Sport shooting is becoming more and more popular because it is the one sport that teaches you to protect yourself in our dangerous world and it is also the one sport that disabled individuals can also enjoy to find great relief from stress.  If you dislike killing animals but love guns then it is time to trade in those family guns for an air rifle and take up sport shooting.

Why air rifles?

Air guns are much safer than real guns.  Don’t get me wrong, this type of gun is still dangerous because you can end up killing someone with it if you don’t know how to use it properly but the chances of killing someone or something with an air rifle are so much lower.  What makes air rifles safer is that they are lighter, easier to use and handle and the guns and bullets are much more affordable so you can practice more and get to know your gun a lot better.

How You Can Enjoy Guns without Killing Animals

What you need for sport shooting

Air rifle – Some of the air rifles on the market looks surprisingly a lot like real powder guns and has the same glorious feel of quality and functionality.  With your air rifle you can enjoy endless hours of sport shooting and have a blast without killing anything but targets.

A scope – For the best sports performance you need one of the best air rifle scopes.   A good quality scope will help you see much better and will give you greater flexibility with your gun so you can shoot at different obstacles at different distances.

Ammunition – You can probably afford a bucket load of ammunition since air rifles have some of the most affordable ammunition types on the market.

Gas – Air rifles requires constant gas refilling.  If you are planning to do a lot of sport shooting then you should definitely stock up on a refill or two.

Ear peace – Air rifles aren’t as loud as normal guns but some of them can still cause a lot of damage to your ears especially if you are going to do a lot of shooting.

Safety glasses – Safety goggles is probably not a must for an air rifle but you never know when that crazy thing happens where your gun seizes.  So wear goggles and protect your delicate eyes.  You can also perform much better if dust and wind is kept out of your sight.

By taking up sport shooting you are still getting all the benefits of guns.  You still get that thrilling sensation, you still get to enjoy gun chats with your family and you still get to relieve yourself of a lot of stress.  The only difference is that the poor animals are completely safe and out of harm’s way.

Realizing the Signs of Animal Cruelty

There are a lot of people who feel that animal cruelty can only be defined when the animals are already sick and can barely walk but the truth is that animal cruelty can come in various forms. Remember that there are different offenses that can already be considered as animal cruelty. If you see some of these animals cruelty signs in some of the animals that you see then you can always do something about it.

Realizing the Signs of Animal Cruelty

Remember that animals do not need to suffer. They need to be protected and be given the love and attention that they deserve. These are the signs that you have to search for:

  1. Lack of food and water.

There are a lot of animals that are sometimes left at home without adequate food and water. This is already a sign of animal cruelty. If you see that an animal has no obvious sign of having any food and water or if you see an animal that is always hungry and looks like it lacks energy then this is an obvious sign of animal cruelty.

  1. The area where the animal is staying seems unsanitary.

There is a big possibility that the place where the animal is staying at lacks cleanliness. If the place has not been cleaned for a long period of time, this can be bad for the animal. You may see a lot of faeces that are just lying around. The animal may not even have any proper place to sleep in. The lack of sanitation is already a sign of being cruel to animals.

  1. The place is full of pests.

If it is apparent if the place is full of pests depending on how it looks. The animal may have to endure being attacked by these pests all the time and they may not be able to do anything about it. There will be no point in hiring a pest control company even if you can search here because you do not own the place where the animal is situated. You just know that if the place looks dirty and unclean, then the possibility of the place having pests is more likely.

  1. Violence against the animal.

This is the most obvious sign of animal cruelty. When the owner is striking the animal then you know that you should do something about it. The animal does not deserve to get hit no matter what it has already done. Some owners hit their animals strong enough to kill it and you do not want this to happen.

  1. The animal is caged or is tied too tightly to one place that it can barely move.

If the animal does not have any space to move, this is an obvious sign of animal cruelty. Remember that if the animal has a collar that does not allow it to move around that much then you may have to report this action to the authorities.

You need to be prepared to speak to the authorities about the type of cruelty that is being done to animals. You may need to document the events that have caused you to contact the authorities in the first place.

Is It Right Just To Breed Animals to Sell Them?

Breed Animals

Breeding animals has been used for both scientific and commercial purposes. The scientific research into breeding animals has largely advanced veterinary knowledge and medicine. However, it has also opened a new field in commercial business where some breed animals have been created for the sole purpose of selling. This is commonly seen in equestrian events and animal shows. In such events, it is essential that the participating animal is “perfect” and sometimes this can only be accomplished by breeding. The ethics behind breeding is often complicated and confusing. Is it right to breed animals for commercial interests or do animals also have rights that are violated?

One common argument against breeding animals is by assuming animals have the same rights as human beings. Put simply, if it is unethical to breed the “perfect” human, it should also be unethical to breed animals. Selective breeding often involved manipulating animals’ underlying bio-structures. Furthermore, by breeding animals for the “perfect” or “ideal” look, this alludes to the argument that the animal is a possession for humans rather than another living object with animal rights. There is no way of ever asking an animal if they would like for their offspring to be bred because we cannot communicate with them yet. In order to not violate their animal rights, we would at the very least need to get permission.get full details from http://pickle.ninemsn.com.au/2016/03/24/11/52/dog-breeds

Another ethical concern with breeding animals is the eventual welfare of the offspring. While breeding has proven to sometimes improve resistance to diseases and illnesses, it can also permanently create painful side effects for life. This includes quicker growth rates, heart complications, and irregular growing patterns. Most breeders would argue that they are not trying to harm or induce pain to the animals but sometimes do not take into consideration that they might. The question of whether profit is worth the cost in animal rights should be answered by the breeder and not by the life of an animal.

Finally, a troubling fact for many animal shelters around the globe is that they are overfilled with unwanted animals. Many household cats and dogs are put to rest everyday because they have not met their “adoption deadline.” Animal rights activist groups have argued that breeding animals while their cousins are dying as unethical and cruel. One does not need to adopt the perfect kitten when there are many kittens waiting to be adopted. Furthermore, if there is more money earned when selling a more “perfect” animal, then it is evident that the animals are valued for their worth and not for their life.visit this link now!

Breed Animals

One fact that all animal lovers can agree is that animals should be treated with compassion and respect. The question of whether breeding is compassionate or respectful is a very hotly contested one. However, many arguments and facts have indicated that breeding is more harmful and cruel than non-breeding. If profit is the primary motivation for breeding, then there is a large ethical problem that must be confronted because animal rights cannot and should not be monetized. Furthermore, with the amount of animals waiting to be adopted, it only makes sense that breeding should be an act of the past.