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Entrepreneurship at the College Level

Well, August is here upon us and the dormitory rooms are as welcoming as ever, despite the limited amount of room space.  I found myself puzzled by my roommate’s schedule.  He would leave early in the morning before sunrise and then return about the middle of the afternoon.  Then when the rest of us were heading out for dinner and to either the library or to an evening lecture or study session, he would be off again until late in the evening.  Then he’d be studying until late – often after midnight.

Entrepreneurship at the College Level

After two weeks of this I had to ask what was going on.  It was only then when he explained that he had a side business that he had operating; it was his way of earning cash to help pay school expenses.  He worked for a few hours at a pet shop, where he helped take care of animals abandoned by their owners.  Then after attending his classes or lectures he’d go walk pets for a number of customers – some of whom he’d first met while working at the shop.  This usually took about 3 hours or so – he’d grab something to eat while walking the pets.  Then he’d return home, study and get a few hours of sleep before heading out to the pet store for his morning routine.  He even had cards printed advertising his dog-walking service – they had pictures of him wearing his classy athletic wear outfit he’d bought from 6 PM with a Groupon coupon for nearly 60% off – that he handed out to customers of the pet shop.

What was most interesting was the fact that he could set his own schedule – often working only three or four days per week, while looking after peoples’ pets.  He could then dedicate the rest of his time exclusively to schoolwork or personal concerns.  By establishing himself as a business entrepreneur in college he’d already begun to make the kind of contacts and business acquaintances he could use for his future career.  By using Groupons he was also marketing his services to future prospective customers.  And their satisfaction continued to result in expanding his clientele.  In short, he was a successful businessman who was in the process of earning his college credentials.

Superlative Dog Crates to Buy for Your Pet Dog

When it comes to talking about training the dogs or other pets, there are two schools of thoughts. Some people deem it necessary to let their pets know about the rules and regulation they have to follow every day and for every task. On the other hand, others find it cruel. They think that dogs should not be put under strict rules or else their innocence gets lost. The same thing goes when it comes to a dog crate. A dog crate is a box in which the dog is put in for some time. Where some people think it vital to have a crate for dogs, others believe it is cruel to keep a dog in a cage. Read on to get to know all the possible advantages of a dog crate and these would aid you in making the right decision in this regard. You can walk through the to get yourself a dog crate for your dog or a puppy. There are several choices available there to choose from; you can get a fancy one or a simple one, however, ensure to buy one which is robust as well as affordable.

Superlative Dog Crates to Buy for Your Pet Dog

Try these on for size:

  • New World Dog Crate

If you look forward to finding a crate for your dog that provides your dog with a personal space for him, you require buying the New World Dog Crate. If your dog is big in size, you have to get your hands on this crate, as it is one of the best dog crates for the big dogs. One of the finest reasons is that the vets recommend this crate for your pet. This crate comes with wires, which makes this dog crate most adored because it is expandable. The big dogs are difficult to put in a crate owing to their huge physic, and that can damage the crate. The New World Dog Crate is fantastic and robust enough to endure the effects of the movements of the big dogs.

  • Amazon-Basics Folding Metal Dog Crate

Amazon-Basics Folding Metal Dog Crate is a great option to choose, as it comprises a folding feature. No matter what’s the size of your dog, you can get it for yourself because these crates come with a great range of sizes. Alongside, this dog crate is suitable for all the breed of dogs. This crate embraces heavy duty metals, and the slates let the dog take their paws come out of them. Furthermore, the safety level of the dog is quite high while the dog is in this crate!

  • Carlson Secure & Compact Single Door Dog Crate

This dog crate is the utmost choice for you if you have a small budget, but you would like to have the best crate for your dog. The pan this crate comes up with is removable and is made you high-quality plastic. You will not have to work hard when it comes to cleaning the crate as it is very easy to open and tidy up no matter how much of the mess is created by your dog inside it. The sturdy steel this crate is made up of makes it the best choice for a bigger size dog. The front door of the crate can easily be opened, and a way can be made for your dog to enter and exit!

  • Pro-Select Easy Dog Crates for Dogs and Pets

Another amazing crate you can have for your pet is the ProSelect Easy Dog Crate. It entails a medium size yet big dogs can be put comfortably inside it, as it is made up of the strongest steel. The pan comprises of a robust plastic and can be removed easily and cleaned from time to time.

How Animal Friends Can Help You Manage Chronic Disease

If you are suffering from a chronic condition then the chances are pretty good that you are against animal abuse and animal sacrifice because you realize just how hard life can be when you live in pain and agony each and every day.  Animals can be great friends and can be used for so many great purposes.  Chronic disease sufferers can also manage their conditions much better by getting the right four legged friend as a pet.

Dogs can help you stay fit

Most chronic condition such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and viral diseases rely on a good fitness level and good health in order to be manageable and so the sufferer can live happy and active for as long as possible and this is exactly where dogs can help you out.  Your dog can be a good running buddy because working out can benefit the both of you.

How Animal Friends Can Help You Manage Chronic Disease

Dogs are commonly used for therapy

By now you have probably heard that many dogs are trained to guide and aid blind people but dogs are used in therapy much more often than this.  Dogs are trained to assist many disabled individuals in activities such as opening doors and more.  They are also used in many medical firms as therapy pets to help those with mental injuries readapt much quicker.  A therapy dog can also be of great help to chronic disease sufferers that become handicapped by their condition.

Horses can give good distraction

Horses are also used for therapy purposes.  They provide great distraction and are especially useful to help people manage trauma.  Caring for a horse and taking frequent horse rides can also help chronic disease sufferers fight off depression and shift their focus from their condition because there is something fun and exciting to look forward to in each and every day despite all the aches and pains that chronic sufferers experience each and every day.

Cats are good companions for those terrible days

Everyone has bad days but a chronic sufferer often has the worst of days where they just feel horrid for no apparent reason.  Cats are great companions for these terrible days because they are so easy to snuggle with and they are often good for a few laughs with all the crazy things they do.

Get the right health plan and manage your chronic disease better

While animals can be greatly beneficial in the management of chronic disease, they aren’t all you need to live a better life.  True Health Diagnostics is a medical organization that specializes in chronic conditions.  They can give you a proper diagnosis for your condition and the medical experts can help you develop a workout and diet program that will optimize your health and give you the best chances of a long and happy life.  Booking a consultation at one of their clinics is one of the best things you can do for your long term health and will help you enjoy your life, animals and activities for much longer.

Reasons Why Yulin Food Festival Should be stopped

It happens every year. There are about 10,000 dogs that are slaughtered in China just to do this festival. There are a lot of protests all over the world about this type of festival but it seems that they are still bent on continuing the event because it is a part of their culture and tradition. It enrages people from all over the world. A lot of people have created open letters to no avail. The festival is going to continue and it will not be stopped.

The case is not similar to the one that Stephen Collins is experiencing though. There was a time when he was highly popular and was a respected actor but all changed when he was accused of molesting underage women. His victims have spoken one by one and since then, people started seeing him in a different light. Even his co-stars do not want to work with him anymore. It will be easy for one person to be ostracized and stripped away from the limelight but it is always different when it comes to full and big festivals like the Yulin Festival.

Reasons Why Yulin Food Festival Should be stopped

These are just some of the reasons why people are angry that this festival is still ongoing:

  1. The ways that the dogs are killed are considered to be inhumane.

The dogs are skinned alive and can feel every pain that is connected to letting them get killed as they are smashed with hammers all over and over again. They are also sliced with chainsaws to make the whole process easier for them. There are some dogs that are tortured publicly. They are ran over and dragged until they die.

  1. The dogs that become part of this festival are not only composed of strays. Some of the dogs have owners as well.

Since there is a certain amount of dogs that are needed for the occasion, some of the dogs are stolen right from their own homes. It does not matter whether they have owners who love them. As long as they are dogs, they will be taken forcibly from their owners.

  1. The dogs (both strays and with owners) are placed in small cages and would have to bear an uncomfortable ride going to Yulin.

There are a lot of dogs who are unable to take the stress and discomfort brought about by the trip especially since most of them have not eaten anything. Some also die from dehydration so a thousand dogs may be dead even before the festival starts. This can make dog meat unsafe for consuming because the meat is already double dead.

  1. The festival has increased the number of rabies cases in the area.

There are a lot of dogs that may be inflicted with rabies and now, even people who have eaten the dog meat are afflicted with rabies too. It was believed that eating dog meat can cause good luck but if getting rabies is the effect, is this truly good luck?

With all of these facts about the Yulin festival, it is best if this festival will be stopped at the soonest possible time not only for the dogs but for human beings who may become affected by the diseases that dog meat carries.

How to Get a Pedigree Cat Cheaply or Free: Save Money and Help Cats by Adopting a Persian, Siamese, or Similar

Pedigree Cat

With kittens of known breeds costing more than $500, many prospective owners think that having a pedigree cat is beyond their means. But there is another way. Pedigree cats do come up for adoption, either through ordinary cat rescue organizations, or specialist pedigree cat rescue societies. Or it is sometimes possible to acquire ex-breeding pedigree cats. So how can you go about this?

Pedigree Cat

A Pedigree Cat from a Rescue Organisation

A prospective owner should contact the rescue centre and tell them what breed he is interested in. Many cat lovers fear that they will be looked down on by rescue organizations for having specific preferences in this way, but this is not the case. Cat rescue centres like to know that they can find a good home for a breed with specific needs. For instance, Persian cats need owners who are prepared to spend time grooming them, and Siamese cats hate to be alone and have loud voices.

For more info on different cat breeds and things you should know about cats, click here.

A Pedigree Cat From a Breed-Specific Rescue Society

There are a number of rescue organizations for specific breeds. The prospective owner can either do a web search, or contact the breed club for that cat breed, as some rescue organisations are affiliated to the breed club. This may be a faster way of getting the cat breed you want than waiting for one to appear at a general cat rescue organization.

An Ex-Breeding Queen or Stud Cat

Some cat breeders sell on their ex-breeding queens or stud cats, after neutering them, after a few years or if the cat is not doing that well at shows, for instance. This can be a way of obtaining a show quality pedigree cat at very little or no cost. However, do remember that some of these cats will have been kept indoors for all of their lives, and may not be used to ordinary family activity.

Some breed rescue organizations re-home ex-breeding cats, but others do not. The prospective owner may be best to do a search and then contact specific breeders, who may well advertise if they are passing on their cats.

Points to Bear in Mind When Re-Homing a Pedigree Cat

These cats may be in need of a home for a specific reason, e.g. they do not get on with dogs or children, or they mess the house. Find out first and make sure it is something you can cope with.

Owners should be familiar with the breed, or find out what it is like in advance. Do not take on a Persian, for instance, unless you have time to groom it regularly.

Prospective owners may have to wait a while for the more popular breeds, so do not be in a hurry. Those who want kittens will probably be disappointed, as these are rarely available for re-homing.

Taking on any cat, pedigree or otherwise, is a lifetime commitment, and prospective owners should regard it as such. But if you decide to re-home a cat in need, of any breed, then the best of luck!

Choosing a Fish Finder

There is nothing as bad as buying a fish finder then you notice it can’t meet your needs. And that is why it is important to know the features to look out for when looking for a fish finder to make sure you get the right fish finder. Different people have different needs and hence what may work for one may not necessarily work for the other and hence one should define the needs so as to know what features to look out for in a fish finder. Some of the factors to consider in choosing a fish finder include:

Choosing a Fish Finder


The frequency may either be single, dual or multiple. Frequency will influence the transducer and this will have an effect on the cone angle. Many transducers will come in frequencies of 50, 83, 192 or 200 kHz. Higher frequencies of 192 or 200 are best suited for shallow waters while low frequencies best suited for deep waters. The higher the frequency of the fish finder the more the detail it will show. High frequency means there are many sonar waves that are being sent and received by the transducer.


The higher the power of a fish finder the faster it can display readings and the deeper the readings can be. Power is measured in wattage (W). Low power finders are suited for shallow waters while high power is suited for deep waters. If the power is low it means that the sonar waves will be slow thus making reading fuzzier. That is why a high power will translate to a faster reading and a clear reading.


Screen resolution of your fish finder has an impact on the clarity of the display and thus the more the screen resolution the better.

A color screens are always better and that is why they are a standard in most electronics. A color screen will give you more detail and will make the fish finding experience more exciting. Color screens can be used in whatever lighting and weather even in the dark they will still is outstanding. Black and white screens are still there but very rare.


They are the main units that send and receive sonar waves after which it will send the data picked from the water to the main unit after which the signal will be translated to a picture. There are many kinds of transducers the common one being the transom mounts transducer.

Cone angle

Cone angle is the width of a beam that can be sent from the bottom of the boat into the water. It is placed where the transducer is and is thin and pointy at that point but gets wider as it goes down. The wider the angle the more the area it can cover. You should however remember the wider it gets the less sensitive it becomes.


Those are the main features to look out for when choosing a fish finder but there may be many more. There are many fish finders across a different price range and there are sites where you can find a listing of best fish finder under 500 that is worth checking at.

How to Choose the Right Cat to Adopt

Perhaps you are searching for companionship or you would like to teach your children that caring for pets is important. No matter what your reason is, you know that you have to find the right cat to adopt. Adopting is never easy though. When you go to the center, you have no idea what you will find.

It should be remembered that although cats are independent creatures, it does not mean that they do not need your tender love and care. You may not need to walk them but you still have to make sure that they are never bored especially if you would keep them indoors. You have to show them that you care for them without over showering them with food to the point that they will already become obese. You also have to realize that you need to toilet train them so they will not miss their litter box.

How to Choose the Right Cat to Adopt

Since you are going to adopt from a center, you can expect that there are a lot of breeds that are available. Commonly, those who are pure blooded or have full breeds are adopted first but try to look beyond their looks and check out the half breeds too. You just might find the cat that will fit well into your own home.

Here are some of the things that you should consider:

  1. The people who are living with you at home. You have to remember that cats may be very sensitive. There are some cats that may not bond well with children as children have the tendency to touch cats too much. If in case some of the people at home are very active in sports, make sure that the items that they have will not be a problem for the cat you are going to adopt. You do not want one of the top longboard brands 2017 to just be peed on, right? If the longboard would be properly kept then having a cat will not be an issue with the people you are with at home.
  2. Do you want to adopt a kitten or an adult cat? A kitten may be cute and cuddly but they would require a lot of play time and care. You also have to be extra careful with the items that you have at home as they may be more vulnerable.
  3. Consider the personality of the cat that you are going to adopt. You have to remember that the cat that you are going to get is different from another cat that your friend may have. Some cats are mellow and very quiet while there are also some who are clingy and very noisy. Choose the cat with a personality that can blend well with the rest of your household.
  4. Decide if you want a cat with long or short fur. Long haired cats may be beautiful but would require more maintenance than cats with short hair. If you can afford it and you are willing to maintain the cat’s fur then you can decide to adopt a long haired cat.

Choosing the right cat will be similar to reading the reviews for longboards that can be found at Top Sports Brands. You have to make an effort to research first about the different cat breeds available and their temperament before you can make a decision.

The Top Businesses That Animal Lovers Can Start

One of the best things you will ever do to achieve personal happiness in your life is to start doing the things you love.  And the best way to make time for all of the things you live is by doing the things you love as a job.  There are quite a few different ways in which animal lovers can make an earning while still working with animals.  Sure, you probably won’t become a millionaire by working with pets and animals but money isn’t everything anyhow and you will enjoy your job each and every day and you will make a huge difference in the lives of so many animals.  Here are some great businesses that animal lovers can start.

The Top Businesses That Animal Lovers Can Start

Animal breeding

Animal breeding is an easy business that you can start.  Look for a type of animal that is high in demand in your area, consider your own setup like your space and start looking for high quality licensed breeders from which you can buy licensed animals.  Some of the top animals to breed with include dogs, rare cat breeds and birds although other types of animals like reptiles can also result in successful sales.  It is however important to do your research when considering this type of business because breeding animals involves a lot of hard work, a lot of investments in the form of food and medical care and the pets you breed will have to be licensed and registered as well.

Pet salon

A pet salon is also a great business you can start with relatively little cash.  Pet salons are great fun to work in because you get to work with so many different animal breeds, you are helping pet owners take great care of pets and you are working with your beloved creatures.

Pet shop

A pet shop that distributes pets, pet accessories and pet food can also be a great and profitable business that will enable pet owners to get their pets all the products they need for ultimate pet health.

Animal training

Are you good at training pets like dogs and cats?  Then perhaps it is time for a pet trainer course so you can provide animal training services to pet owners that have troubled animals or to pet owners that want to train their pets for a certain purpose such as with guard dogs or dogs that assist disabled individuals.

Animal friendly landscaper

If you don’t want to work directly with pets but still want to frequently work for pets then perhaps landscaping is the right job for you.  You can help homeowners create animal friendly gardens and you will be creating a much safer living environment for pets. Find out how to start a landscaping and design business and what you need for this business from The Tool Report. This great website will give you the best advice on where to start and the website is also terrific for scouting the best gardening tools as well as other tools that can make your life a little bit simpler.

How to Be A Good Foster Pet Parent

In order to improve the life of a homeless pet, you have an option to become a foster pet parent. Overpopulation has caused a lot of pets to become homeless and to not have the love and care that they deserve. If you would make an effort to provide a pet with what they need even temporarily, you can improve its life wholeheartedly.

Being a pet lover, you may always want to adopt as many as you can but because of the lack of space or your fear that you would not be able to take care of them all, you limit yourself to the number of pets that you can care for. Still, it will be hard to deny some pets the chance that they deserve. Those who are in shelters for a long period of time are euthanized. If you would extend your home for a certain period of time to a homeless pet until they find their forever home, you would be saving a life.

How to Be A Good Foster Pet Parent

If you would like to know more about what may possibly happen to pets if you do not give them a chance, you can check out Barbara Bruin. You can find more inspiring stories about how some pets have been saved from doom. It will make you realize that you can do the same. You can also become a good foster parent to the pet that you are going to care for a limited period of time.

Here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Make sure that you will register with the right rescue organization that you want to help. You can register with them and be prepared that you are going to be interviewed. They have to make sure that you will keep the pet safe and well cared for even if it is going to be only temporary.
  2. Double check if you have all of the requirements that they may require before you will be allowed to foster care a pet. If you are going to be foster parent to a dog, you may be required to have a fence on your lawn or garden to give the dog a chance to go around. At the same time, your house may be checked if it is conducive for pets.
  3. Bring home the pet that you are going to care for. Remember that it is normal to be attached to the pet. There may even be times when you would decide to adopt the pet entirely but if in case your foster pet founds it forever home, you need to be happy for the pet. You may feel sad at the same time too because you will miss the pet’s presence.
  4. While you still have the chance, make sure that you will follow the diet prescribed for the pet. Depending on the dog or cat you are going to foster care, there may be some diets that need to be followed.

With all of these tips in mind, becoming a foster parent to a cat or dog will not be too hard to do anymore. You may find more details here about the requirements before you can become a foster pet parent.

5 Ways to Take Care of Animals as Pets

Having a pet is a wonderful feeling but it also requires a lot of effort and consideration at your end.  Once you have adopted a pet, it’s very important that you work on creating a strong connection and association with your pet. Animals have numerous rights that not only need to be recognized but also need to be fulfilled. Make sure that you fulfill all of your pet’s rights and pair that with extra love and affection. Here are a few things you can do take care of your pet:

5 Ways to Take Care of Animals as Pets

Exercise with Your Pet

Exercising with your pet is relaxing for both you and your pet. It helps them to burn off any extra energy and it allows you to associate with your pet companion. Whether it is tossing a ball at the park or prodding them with a bundle of yarn, you will feel a special association with your creature. Regular exercise is an imperative way of keeping your pet healthy. Without it, they can become overweight and more vulnerable to disease.

Encourage Your Pet Sufficiently

Encouraging your pet is another approach to show your care and concern towards your pet. Cautious thought while picking what food or treats are best for your type of animal is an incredible approach to keep them sound and upbeat. Checking internet, going to pet particular stores and checking with your veterinarian are only some approaches to get data about what foods and treats are suggested.

Take Your Pet for Check-Ups

Standard veterinarian visits are useful for your pet, as well as can be useful for your wallet also. Early recognition of disease, similar to food allergies and urinary tract diseases can anticipate or cure these issues, before they get to be serious or amazingly costly. Commonly homeopathic cures can be utilized as a part of the counteractive action and cure of these sorts of disease and for general characteristic pet health.

Get Your Pet Groomed

Consistent grooming is an incredible approach to take care of your pet. Just like you would use the best nose hair trimmer to trim off all your excess nose hair, similarly, you need to get rid of all extra and unwanted hair off of your pet. Here are a few more pointers:

  • Cutting their nails will anticipate issues with walking.
  • Brushing their teeth decreases bad breath.
  • Washing them can decrease dander and tingling and will make your pet more agreeable.
  • Brushing your pet’s coat keeps their balding to a minimum and it is a marvelous approach to give them the consideration they pine for.

Keep a Regular Schedule

Keeping a normal timetable is a standout amongst the most imperative things you can accomplish for your pet and for yourself. Your pet will know when they have to go out, sleep, play or prepare for bed. This will help their disposition and will help you make an extraordinary association with your pet.

Regardless of what animal you keep as your pet, taking care of them is the best way of telling them you cherish them.