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How You Can Enjoy Guns without Killing Animals

It can be tough to say goodbye to a hobby that has been in your family for centuries.  And luckily thanks to technological advancements you don’t have to.  Just because you don’t like killing animals and hunting does not mean that you have to break family traditions completely or say goodbye to this sport completely. Sport shooting is becoming more and more popular because it is the one sport that teaches you to protect yourself in our dangerous world and it is also the one sport that disabled individuals can also enjoy to find great relief from stress.  If you dislike killing animals but love guns then it is time to trade in those family guns for an air rifle and take up sport shooting.

Why air rifles?

Air guns are much safer than real guns.  Don’t get me wrong, this type of gun is still dangerous because you can end up killing someone with it if you don’t know how to use it properly but the chances of killing someone or something with an air rifle are so much lower.  What makes air rifles safer is that they are lighter, easier to use and handle and the guns and bullets are much more affordable so you can practice more and get to know your gun a lot better.

How You Can Enjoy Guns without Killing Animals

What you need for sport shooting

Air rifle – Some of the air rifles on the market looks surprisingly a lot like real powder guns and has the same glorious feel of quality and functionality.  With your air rifle you can enjoy endless hours of sport shooting and have a blast without killing anything but targets.

A scope – For the best sports performance you need one of the best air rifle scopes.   A good quality scope will help you see much better and will give you greater flexibility with your gun so you can shoot at different obstacles at different distances.

Ammunition – You can probably afford a bucket load of ammunition since air rifles have some of the most affordable ammunition types on the market.

Gas – Air rifles requires constant gas refilling.  If you are planning to do a lot of sport shooting then you should definitely stock up on a refill or two.

Ear peace – Air rifles aren’t as loud as normal guns but some of them can still cause a lot of damage to your ears especially if you are going to do a lot of shooting.

Safety glasses – Safety goggles is probably not a must for an air rifle but you never know when that crazy thing happens where your gun seizes.  So wear goggles and protect your delicate eyes.  You can also perform much better if dust and wind is kept out of your sight.

By taking up sport shooting you are still getting all the benefits of guns.  You still get that thrilling sensation, you still get to enjoy gun chats with your family and you still get to relieve yourself of a lot of stress.  The only difference is that the poor animals are completely safe and out of harm’s way.

Realizing the Signs of Animal Cruelty

There are a lot of people who feel that animal cruelty can only be defined when the animals are already sick and can barely walk but the truth is that animal cruelty can come in various forms. Remember that there are different offenses that can already be considered as animal cruelty. If you see some of these animals cruelty signs in some of the animals that you see then you can always do something about it.

Realizing the Signs of Animal Cruelty

Remember that animals do not need to suffer. They need to be protected and be given the love and attention that they deserve. These are the signs that you have to search for:

  1. Lack of food and water.

There are a lot of animals that are sometimes left at home without adequate food and water. This is already a sign of animal cruelty. If you see that an animal has no obvious sign of having any food and water or if you see an animal that is always hungry and looks like it lacks energy then this is an obvious sign of animal cruelty.

  1. The area where the animal is staying seems unsanitary.

There is a big possibility that the place where the animal is staying at lacks cleanliness. If the place has not been cleaned for a long period of time, this can be bad for the animal. You may see a lot of faeces that are just lying around. The animal may not even have any proper place to sleep in. The lack of sanitation is already a sign of being cruel to animals.

  1. The place is full of pests.

If it is apparent if the place is full of pests depending on how it looks. The animal may have to endure being attacked by these pests all the time and they may not be able to do anything about it. There will be no point in hiring a pest control company even if you can search here because you do not own the place where the animal is situated. You just know that if the place looks dirty and unclean, then the possibility of the place having pests is more likely.

  1. Violence against the animal.

This is the most obvious sign of animal cruelty. When the owner is striking the animal then you know that you should do something about it. The animal does not deserve to get hit no matter what it has already done. Some owners hit their animals strong enough to kill it and you do not want this to happen.

  1. The animal is caged or is tied too tightly to one place that it can barely move.

If the animal does not have any space to move, this is an obvious sign of animal cruelty. Remember that if the animal has a collar that does not allow it to move around that much then you may have to report this action to the authorities.

You need to be prepared to speak to the authorities about the type of cruelty that is being done to animals. You may need to document the events that have caused you to contact the authorities in the first place.

Good Reasons Why You Should Stop Hunting

Do you know that over the past years, those who hunt for animals are doing it not because it is necessary but because they find it thrilling or fun? Just imagine if the same would be done to you. You have to be hunted because people find this thrilling. Would you like to be the prey? No one would like to become prey to hunters so why do people expect that animals would like to be hunted?

There are some people who may still need to be convinced about why they should stop hunting and if you are one of them then you should try to become open minded as good reasons are stated why you should stop what you are doing.

Good Reasons Why You Should Stop Hunting

  1. Hunting is not a sport.

You should remember that hunting cannot be considered a sport because it is a sport when two living beings do things together wherein one would win and one would lose. In hunting, the prey would die while the human would be victorious. This is highly unfair for a lot of the animals who are being hunted. They are not happy about it so what gives you the right in order to take their lives.

  1. Most animals suffer before they die.

It is rare that hunters are able to make clean kills because most of the time, hunters are not that good in killing their pray immediately. Some animals even survive the encounter but their lives are never the same again. There are even some animals that are shot first and then shot again by other hunters after some time because they are still alive.

  1. It is already a business.

There are a lot of places that are being opened to a lot of people not because the area already needs to be hunted but because a lot of other people are earning a lot of money in the process. There are a lot of employees who get money because of it so they encourage hunters to flock certain areas instead of trying to stop hunters from doing what they want to do. Employees should know how to implement the rules and regulate things.

  1. Some non – targets also become victims of hunting.

You have to remember that there are a lot of other animals that are being hunted even though they are not supposed to be hunted. For instance, dogs and cats also get killed because some hunters assume that they are different animals. Some hunters are also shot and killed in the process especially when they are wearing camouflage gear that can make them look similar to other animals.

  1. People may become more violent because of hunting.

There are some people who start out by hunting animals but later on progress to killing other people. There are some who are naturally born with an evil streak or become different because of how they are raised and hunting may be their stepping stone before they become more violent in the long run.

Hunting is truly different from what your profession is. If you are just one of the who would like to feel relaxed, remember that there are different things that you can do instead in order to get the relaxation that you are searching for. Stop hunting and do other things instead.

Good Reasons to Adopt A Pet

People in this world feel that pets should be a part of their lifestyle. This explains why a lot of people who consider themselves rich and accomplished would like to have the perfect pet that can complement their current lifestyle.

Over the past years, more and more animal advocates are stating the importance of adopting pets instead of purchasing new ones because definitely, there are some changes that may happen when dogs and cats will be adopted. Perhaps knowing more about the various reasons to adopt pets can make a lot of people changes their minds about purchasing from pet stores.

Good Reasons to Adopt A Pet

  1. People can save a lot of money adopting rather than purchasing.

There are a lot of wonderful breeds that you can see when you purchase a pet but how much money do you have to spend just to purchase them? It will be best if people can just spend the extra money on spending for the amenities that the pet needs inside the house. For instance, some dogs would need a lot of toys, a leash and basic amenities. Purchasing a pet may greatly lessen the budget that will be spent on the dog.

  1. A lot of pets that are ready for adopting are thoroughly checked and are known to be adaptable to various households.

There are some shelters and adoption centres who make sure that all of the pets that are ready for adoption have all the necessary shots and spraying/neutering those are needed by pet owners. Once again, this will help people save and at the same time, they can have loving pets that will not do as much damage as purchased breeds that may not be house trained just yet.

  1. Adopted pets will forever be grateful to people who will adopt them.

It is not right to think that just because pets have differences with human beings they already cannot understand simple things. They may be able to understand some of the things that are happening to them and most pets will be more than happy to see a friendly face that will love and care for them. People can expect that they will get the love and care back.

  1. Saving a life will always feel good.

This is what people do whenever they are adopting, they are saving a life and it will always feel good no matter what people will say about it. When people purchase pets, they are depriving other pets into having a great and loving home. The pet can give the same love that purchased pets can give.

  1. An adopted pet will do a lot more for you.

People have to remember that all pets can be good for them. There are various benefits that are related to having pets that can be heard from commercials with professional voice over artists speaking in order to make the details clear but adopting pets can boost people’s morale and their self-esteem.

Truly, adopting pets can give a lot more benefits that purchasing and in the world that we live in right now, doing well is something that can make people feels better about them in general.

Benefits of Having A Pet

You may be a natural pet lover. You know that you love pets of all kinds and you aim to care for them the best way that you could. Yet, there are also some people who do not really consider themselves as pet lovers in the beginning, they only started loving pets when they become exposed to having pets for the first time.

Although most people are usually too focused on their jobs and possibly acquiring tax return on the things that they have paid for, they usually lose their stress when their pets at home welcome them and give them the care and affection that they are searching for.

Benefits of Having A Pet

It is true that pets have gone beyond being decorations at home. Pets right now are truly cared for and loved by their owners. It is a plus that they also come with a load of various benefits. Would you like to know what these benefits are? Here are just a few:

  • It has been proven that pet owners are less likely to be depressed than non-pet owners.

This is probably because pets are always there for people whenever they are feeling sad, depressed and even happy. They are usually there to listen. Pet owners might not admit it but there are moments when they also talk to their pets even if they will not answer back. This can make people happier than ever.

  • Playing with pets can increase levels of serotonin and dopamine.

Serotonin and Dopamine are hormones that are released by the brain that can make people happier and more relaxed than usual. Whenever people play with their pets, increased levels of these hormones are released and of course, this is something that non pet owners will not get to experience.

  • Pet owners have stronger immune system.

It is true that there are some people who are particularly allergic to dogs and cats because of their fur and because of their saliva but for kids who become exposed to pets at an early age, they usually develop a stronger immune system. This can cause children to become stronger in the long run.

  • Pet owners may exercise more.

This can be applicable for people who have dogs that need to be walked around the village and exercised often. Pet owners will be required to do some rounds of walking around and this can actually improve their overall health.

  • Pet owners may get to meet new people.

This may be similar to having to take walks around the park or the village as well as bringing pets to various places. There are always other pet lovers who cannot help but appreciate other pets so it might cause people to have new friends and meet new acquaintances.

Owning pets are not only considered to be mandatory now for people who would like to show their social status. Rather, owning pets are now connected to living healthier and longer lives and overall, people who own pets are more positive about life than non-pet owners. Perhaps these are good reasons for you to have your own pet now.

Reasons for Yulin Festival to Stop

Animal sacrificing is something that has been done for a long period of time. There are a lot of writings in the ancient times wherein animals were used for different purposes. Fast forward to today and animals are still being used for a wide variety of things.

When it comes to testing skin and makeup products, animals are being used for this purpose too. If there are bad effects that will happen to the animals, the makeup will be modified and tested on them all over and over again. This is bad for the animals and can also cost them their lives.

There are festivals that are being done all over the world that are just considered to be mundane for recent times and one of these is the Yulin Festival held in China. Basically, this is a festival where thousands of dogs are slaughtered. Many people from all over the world are against this but this festival still continues.

Reasons for Yulin Festival to Stop

While it is considered to be part of China’s tradition, is it enough that just because it is traditional, it should not be stopped? Tradition should be part of growth so that new traditions that are kept with the changing times can be considered normal but if a tradition hinders people from growing, and then this is a bad sign.

Here are other reasons why Yulin Festival has to be stopped:

  1. Dogs that are slaughtered are often stolen.

The dogs that are slaughtered and sold in some restaurants are stolen from homes, stolen from owners who love and care for them. Usually, those who steal them hit them with poison so that they can be stolen easily. The fact that they are stolen means that it is a black market, something that should be stopped immediately. Some steal dog meat so that they can get money. Definitely, this is different from getting payroll services Australia as the money is usually given in person by the leader.

  1. There may be dangers in eating dog meat.

Dog meat is unlike any other type of meat. They are prone to getting infections and other viruses because of mingling and fighting with other dogs. They are particularly hard to rise for eating because they are considered to be more as companions rather than food. For stolen dogs who were poisoned, cooking dog meat might still make some of the meat filled with poison which can cause harm to people who will eat it.

  1. China’s image may be tarnished because of the festival.

More and more people are growing angry at China for letting this festival go on despite the protests of many people all over the world. If it would come to a point when people will boycott everything that is related to China, this can affect not only China’s economy but the whole world. China may need to rethink everything before the next Yulin Festival is set to happen again.

Killing cats and dogs are considered to be inhumane and taboo by a lot of people. The modernity of life states that they should be loved and cared for instead of slaughtered and killed. Hopefully, the end is near for this festival.

Ways to Show Your Love to Animals

You have to remember that when it comes to caring for animals, you have to remember that it will not be an easy task. They would need to be trained beforehand before they will get to know how they can be a true part of your household.

You would need a lot of patience and perseverance before you actually get to enjoy their company but the moment that they are able to adjust, you would not want your situation to turn out differently. They can do a lot of things for you. If you work as a bookkeeper or you are currently having some problems with your business and you need to hire the help of bookkeepers Melbourne, your stress may go away the moment that they give you their attention.

Ways to Show Your Love to Animals

If in case you would like to give back and also show them that you love them in ways that they can understand, here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Make sure that you will feed your pet enough food.

Feeding your pet too little can be bad for them because you know that they will not be able to get the nutrients that they deserve. If you feed them too much food, this may not be good for them as well as they may end up being obese. You may ask your vet for information regarding the type of food that they need so that your pet will have the best food that can fit the needs of your pet.

  • Take your pet to the vet.

Honestly, your pet will not love you for it if the vet that you are going to bring your pet to is someone who does not care that much about pets at all. Look for vets who truly love animals and those who did not become veterinarians because they were forced to do so. You can be assured that the vet will do his/her best to keep your pet comfortable and safe during the whole session.

  • Make sure that your pet has all the items that it needs.

You cannot really expect that your pet will always determine where it should pee and poop if you would not designate a proper area for this. You can always train your pet but you need to make sure that it is an area that your pet will recognize immediately. Also, have all the items that your pet needs to ensure that it will be comfortable.

  • Give your pet attention and affection.

Depending on what your pet is it would still need a lot of love and affection. You ought to make sure that you will give it no matter how tired you may be. Even a simple pat or even a few minutes of play time will be appreciated by your pet but make sure to give more time when you can afford to do so.

With all of these tips in mind, you can be sure that caring for your pet can be done well. As long as you have a natural love for your pet, caring will always be easy to do.

Some Facts on Animal Cloning

It seems that there are some people who are into doing projects that they have never been done before. For instance, for some people who would like to reach a milestone, they usually save up money with the use of their self managed super fund so that they can achieve that milestone eventually.

Sometimes, people have milestones depending on the profession that they have. For instance, scientists felt that it was a success that they were able to do cloning. Of course, cloning animals were not always that successful. It took a lot of misses before Dolly the Sheep became a household name not only because it was the first successful cloned animal, it was also able to reproduce.

Some Facts on Animal Cloning

Since then, there are a lot of things that have changed. Scientists now are able to clone various animals. They can even clone humans if they would choose too but there are a lot of debates going on about how ethical this is. It is a wonder why there are so many people who are against human cloning when they did not raise too much process in animal cloning. Did people ever think about the effect that it would have on animals? Probably not.

There are some reasons why animal cloning should already stop:

  • Cloning still comes with a lot of complications. There is a chance that the animal that is carrying the clone can die because of the various situations that may arise.
  • Some birth defects have more possibility of occurring. There are still a lot of animal clones that are unsuccessful and as a result, the animal dies or is unable to live for a long period of time.
  • Some defects do not necessarily occur during birth. The effects may occur later on and this can eventually kill the clone.
  • There are some companies who have already stated that they will not purchase animal meat or even animals that have been cloned in fear that their companies will be related to some unethical issues.
  • Some people still feel that cloning is like playing God especially those who believe in religion and would therefore boycott anything that may be related to cloning

Of course even if there are some bad effects that can be said about cloning, there are some points raised by people who are into cloning that should not go unnoticed.

  • This can help some endangered animals to not become extinct. There are some animals that have been hunted down and killed by humans over the past decades that are in danger of being wiped out from the face of this earth. Cloning can help increase their population again.
  • Animal cloning will allow the exact replication of animals that may be loved by a lot of people already yet there are still some people who are saying that this is unethical.

With all of these issues that are mentioned above, what do you think about cloning? Do you think that this is something that must go on or do you think that it should be stopped soon?

Using Animals to Test Makeup Products Is Wrong

Using Animals to Test Makeup Products

The practice of testing new products on animals has been used for both scientific and commercial interests. To some extent, the capitalist and commercial systems today are successful because of the animals that have been tested upon. No sector of the economy has benefitted more than the make-up and beauty markets. However, this practice raises many serious questions about the morals and ethics of animal testing.

Furthermore, it alluded to the argument that animal rights are violated when they are being tested upon. Despite the fact that a large part of the population indirectly depends on animal testing to get their products, animal testing should be condemned and even banned.

Many people expect animal testing for makeup products to be whether a rabbit looks better in red lipstick or blue lipstick. However, the reality for the animals is that these tests have nothing to do with looks or style. Instead, the tests are meant for chemical exposure and ingredient side effects. They include skin and eye irritation tests where products are put on naked skin or eyes without pain relief and often in restraint. Studies are also conducted to test long term health hazards or death due to overuse. These animals are often put to death at the end of testing and are certainly not given a dignified life or death. Not only do these facts about testing validate a cruel and uncompassionate life, they clearly are in conflict with animal rights. In fact, these tests also go again human rights if humans were the test subjects!

By now, enough testing and research has been conducted on a myriad of chemicals to know which ones are safe and cosmetic companies have enough material to use for releasing new products. The argument is that the very least we could do is stop testing now because there is no need to anymore. Yet, companies continually keep testing in search for the most cost efficient way to create products.

Furthermore, tests often become more variable and inconclusive at the expense of the animal. Lawmakers have already validated many chemicals known to be safe in order for companies to avoid legal trouble. The fact that companies have so many non-cruel options for makeup testing raises many questions as to how animal rights are not being more from

Finally, many have argued that humans often get tested to for medical and commercial research. Despite the fact that this is true, it does not validate the testing for animals. Humans are able to give consent to the testing they are about to go to. These tests are usually non-lethal and are often used to better the lives of fellow humans. Animal testing neither have consent nor are bettering the lives of other animals. They are simply for improving the looks of humans. Testing on animals for the commercial interests of humans is inhumane and violates animal rights.

Using Animals to Test Makeup Products

All animal lovers agree that animals should be treated with compassion and respect. The question of testing makeup products on animals is a very hotly debated one. Many argue that the pain and cruelty inflicted on animals during testing for the interests for human beings is a violation of their rights. If humans wish to have their rights respected, then cosmetic companies should begin to recognize that testing makeup products on animals is wrong.continue reading..

Is It Right Just To Breed Animals to Sell Them?

Breed Animals

Breeding animals has been used for both scientific and commercial purposes. The scientific research into breeding animals has largely advanced veterinary knowledge and medicine. However, it has also opened a new field in commercial business where some breed animals have been created for the sole purpose of selling. This is commonly seen in equestrian events and animal shows. In such events, it is essential that the participating animal is “perfect” and sometimes this can only be accomplished by breeding. The ethics behind breeding is often complicated and confusing. Is it right to breed animals for commercial interests or do animals also have rights that are violated?

One common argument against breeding animals is by assuming animals have the same rights as human beings. Put simply, if it is unethical to breed the “perfect” human, it should also be unethical to breed animals. Selective breeding often involved manipulating animals’ underlying bio-structures. Furthermore, by breeding animals for the “perfect” or “ideal” look, this alludes to the argument that the animal is a possession for humans rather than another living object with animal rights. There is no way of ever asking an animal if they would like for their offspring to be bred because we cannot communicate with them yet. In order to not violate their animal rights, we would at the very least need to get permission.get full details from

Another ethical concern with breeding animals is the eventual welfare of the offspring. While breeding has proven to sometimes improve resistance to diseases and illnesses, it can also permanently create painful side effects for life. This includes quicker growth rates, heart complications, and irregular growing patterns. Most breeders would argue that they are not trying to harm or induce pain to the animals but sometimes do not take into consideration that they might. The question of whether profit is worth the cost in animal rights should be answered by the breeder and not by the life of an animal.

Finally, a troubling fact for many animal shelters around the globe is that they are overfilled with unwanted animals. Many household cats and dogs are put to rest everyday because they have not met their “adoption deadline.” Animal rights activist groups have argued that breeding animals while their cousins are dying as unethical and cruel. One does not need to adopt the perfect kitten when there are many kittens waiting to be adopted. Furthermore, if there is more money earned when selling a more “perfect” animal, then it is evident that the animals are valued for their worth and not for their life.visit this link now!

Breed Animals

One fact that all animal lovers can agree is that animals should be treated with compassion and respect. The question of whether breeding is compassionate or respectful is a very hotly contested one. However, many arguments and facts have indicated that breeding is more harmful and cruel than non-breeding. If profit is the primary motivation for breeding, then there is a large ethical problem that must be confronted because animal rights cannot and should not be monetized. Furthermore, with the amount of animals waiting to be adopted, it only makes sense that breeding should be an act of the past.