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Selecting the Right People is the Key to Successful Leadership

Not every person has leadership values, and every single person has his own way of leadership. Successful companies have leaders that steer them right, but the moment that they put poor leadership at the top, they come crashing right down. That is the reason why in this article, we are going to look at why selecting the right people is the key to successful leadership. Here are the things that we look for when selecting our leaders.

Selecting the Right People is the Key to Successful Leadership

People who are called

If you find someone that is motivated by something deep within themselves, and not by the accomplishments of what they have done, that is the right person to be selected as a leader because they are called. That is a person with a purpose in their life and is not a person that is there to promote something. That is a person with something that is much bigger than themselves.

People who have character

Character is very important because it involves the personal morality code. Personal integrity comes into play when we talk of character, and a person with personal integrity makes a great leader.

People who are committed

Commitment is an important virtue that every leader should possess. Leaders that aren’t committed to doing their work can make even the most successful organization come falling down.

People who are compatible

When selecting leaders, go for those that are a relational fit, a skill fit, and a passion fit. These are people that are compatible with all sorts of situations. These are people that adapt to new situations faster than you can think. When people are compatible, diversity is turned into unity.

Compatible people turn diversity into unity

Nobody has the skills and temperament to handle every type of job, and that is why it is important for them to have the skills work as a team, and for the team. This will ensure that the strengths are more productive, while the weaknesses, irrelevant.

People who are coachable

An effective leader is one that is ready to take on people that might not have all the skills, but knows that they coachable. These coachable people know their limitations and weaknesses, and they are willing to learn and improve on their work. When a leader has the right people for the job, at the right time, he can leave them knowing that they will get the job done.

Now that we are talking about selecting the right leaders, it is almost impossible not to mention Philly 3.0. Philadelphia 3.0 was founded with the intention of influencing the election of city council leaders who have the best interests of its members, who are mostly business people, and professionals.

Philly 3.0 Agenda

Philadelphia 3.0 Agenda

  1. Hold candidates and elected officials accountable for promises, policies and duties that they promised the electorate.
  2. Report on important political news from City Hall and Harrisburg, by being at every important political event such as mayoral debates and City Council meetings.
  3. Advocate for millennials in local and state government so that the interests of the people are protected and advanced.
  4. Support millennial aged candidates that fight for issues that the electorate cares about.
  5. Voting is a very powerful tool for the electorate, and everyone should go out and vote in a good leader.


Choosing the right leaders is good for us, because they are the ones that are our voice out there. They are the ones that will decide whether we’re going in the right or wrong direction.

The Endangered Species Act!

Plants, human beings, and animals are the three essential living organisms that are linked together to run the necessary course of nature. However, with time passing, the human life is becoming shorter, the plants are becoming tamer, and the wildlife is getting extinct. The reason for this phenomenon is as nature works on a particular system whereas; human beings are looking for loopholes in the system to facilitate themselves. After doing numerous damages, humanity is now looking for ways to overcome their blunders.

To play your part, you can start by taking care of your pets. You may think you are providing them with everything that they need, however, a little extra can increase their ability of survival. Most people prefer leaving their pets to neighbors, friends, or family which is a good way to ensure that they are safe.

The Endangered Species Act!

However, if you consider a timeshare rental, you can take your pet with you and take better care of the living creature. Occidental Vacation Club gives you the best deals for purchasing timeshare Club. Their luxury accommodations ensure your vacation to be the best experience. You can look out to rent, resell, or buy a place to enjoy while you are on vacation and share the price with others. Visit and go through the numerous options for the purchase of a timeshare Occidental vacation club so that you do not have to spend all the money individually on places that you visit in short periods of time.

The United States of America is running one of the most influential plans; ‘the endangered species act.’ This law Provokes thought; how laws can ensure the wildlife is not affected. Read more and know the action works under three significant elements:

  1. Listing Animals To Prioritize:

The first part of the statute uses significant research from all over the world. The authorities start listing animals that are most endangered. The utmost alarming is labeled as ‘threatened’ on the list. This list is updated timely to devise the importance of the animal that needs to be saved first.

A petition submitted to the state agencies can be the reason why the animal is listed in the first place. Some times, the FWS/NMFS reason how the other animal which is not at an alarming state should be considered more vital as well. However, if the labeled animals are replaced, they are still given protection under the act.

  1. Provide The Natural Habitat:

The habitat conservation plans are designed to use the additional land or develop the existing property in favor of the wildlife. The HCP is responsible for being in contact with the developer, property owner, and the local government to make sure that all land related projects are executed under full rules and regulations. The related governing agencies are required to provide permits, licenses, and other imperative documents so that the animals can be saved without hindering any legislation.

  1. The Restoration Of Healthy Animal Populations:

After working responsibly on land permits and their plans, the act now takes responsibility to let the animals to mate and increase their population in a more controlled environment. This process allows the animals to have healthy offspring, and this procedure is the first step in ensuring the animals that are a scarce start to have a life again. Moreover, it is assured the landowners do not face any additional troubles for helping out the animals by providing them with space for their land. As a consequence, it creates a win-win situation.

The Benefits to Adopting a Pet

Are you considering getting a pet for your family? Can’t decide which animal to get? Picking a pet can be hard. Whether you decide to get a cat, dog, or any other animal. We recommend you adopt one, shelters across the US have over 6 million animals. You can go to an animal shelter nearby and see which one you would like to adopt. Why should you adopt a pet? We have a few reasons to why you should adopt an animal.


Save an animal’s life

There is nothing more rewarding than saving a living being’s life. That is pretty much what you will be doing when you adopt a pet. But don’t do it out of pity, do it because you want to. Remember it’s always better to show empathy than sympathy. You can go down to your local animal shelter or adoption agency and decide on which pet you want. You will be doing a great service and greatly improving the animal’s quality of life. You can get a dog with allergies or a cat with a limp but through your proper care, you will improve its quality of life.


Save money

When adopting an animal, you save up on quite a lot. The animals usually are already vaccinated and checked for illnesses and diseases. Not only that, when you adopt you pretty much do it for free. There may be slight adoption fee, but you will save up a lot of money rather than when you go and buy an animal.


The animal you adopt will be healthy

As an animal is introduced to the shelter it goes through a check up process. In which it is neutered and screened for illnesses and diseases. They are also vaccinated. This means that when you adopt the animal it would have already gone through this process ensuring you get a healthy pet.


No support for puppy mills

A lot of pet stores that sell dogs get their dogs from puppy mills. Puppy mills are farms that are used to

house hundreds of dogs which are used to breed. They usually keep them in not so good conditions. So by adopting, you choose not to fund these mills which is another good deed.


Have a variety of animal to choose from

At an animal shelter, you will have quite a variety of animals to choose from. You will have different breeds of cats, dogs, along with other animals. Not only that, but you can easily pick the age, sex, and so on. Numerous agencies even have websites where you can search for a pet so you can even do so from the comforts of your home.

There are numerous benefits of adopting a pet. Nothing beats the satisfaction you get from saving an animal’s life and watching it grow in front of you. There are also numerous benefits to keeping a pet especially if you have children. So don’t waste your time thinking about it. Visit an animal shelter near you and decide on a pet to adopt for your family.

Animal Democracy

If you thought democracy is important for only human beings, then you are wrong. Animals too have democracy and it is equally important to them. Just the way we need democracy as humans for fairness, equity and justice, is the same way animals need it. Many people have never stopped to think what actually happens in the human kingdom, but it’s not our fault, lifestyles have become busy and lives demanding that we only focus on what are important. Well, animals too have a form of government that governs them to ensure democracy is practiced. It is only with democracy that they can live in harmony and at peace with one another.

Animal Democracy

What is democracy?

Democracy according to the definition of the Greek means ‘ruled by people’. It is where a government makes decisions according to wishes of the people of the state. Normally the government would make a decision according to the majority vote.

There are mainly two types of democracy, direct democracy and representative democracy. Direct democracy as the name suggests is whereby one can be able to vote independently about an issue. It is mostly suitable for small groups. On the other hand representative democracy is whereby a group of people are elected to be representative of the whole population in decision making. It is most popular with large groups.

Democracy is all about individual freedom such as human rights like freedom of speech, freedom of belief and freedom of choice.

Concept of animal democracy

As much as democracy is popular with humans, it is believed is started off in the animal kingdom. Just like all humans are equal, it is believed that all animals are equal too and hence they have equal access to rights and should be treated equally. It is believed that also animals make collective decisions. They just do it in a different way than humans, humans vote but animals have their own way of making decisions mostly regarding where to live or where to forage.

There are however some animals that practice democracy more than others. A good example is bees which are good at depicting democracy. An example on how they make collective decision is when they have to split their colonies in the beginning of summer. Most colonies around that time are too big and hence they have to split into two, one group will remain at the same place and the other will have to look for a different location. When the departing group finds a suitable location, its scouts survey the local area and a suitable location for a new hive. Each scout will perform a waggle dance in front of its mates when it finds a location. The scouts will go on for several days until they find enough consensuses for a location. Some scouts will stop the search and endorse the most popular location.


Democracy is important to both humans and animals and that is why organizations such as Foundation for Defense of Democracies are very relevant to make sure that there is democracy for all.

Play Your Part in Saving Animals!

With the interference of human beings in nature, not only the plants are affected, but the animal kingdom as well. Animals like polar bears are endangered because of the global warming crisis. Instead of finding new ways to extinct animals, human beings are responsible for finding out new and improved ways to ensure as many animals as possible are safe and comfortable with their living environment. Instead of using animals to test various products and experiments, they should be kept in their natural habitats as well as make certain their habitat fulfills all their needs.

Play Your Part in Saving Animals!

One of the ways to play your part is to raise the awareness. If you have the power of media, spread your message like wildfire. You can opt to take help from influential people to pass on your message like Moti Ferder the CEO of Lugano Diamonds. Mr. Ferder has been working tirelessly to ensure that every diamond you buy from them is of the top-notch quality and finely cut suiting your needs. Not only he is highly educated, but he has the experience in the field of more than two decades. If you are looking for the perfect gift of a diamond, then Lugano diamonds is the place to buy.

If you do not have long approaches, you require playing your part. Even though you may feel it is not a massive object of interest, remember that every tiny bit matters. By following three main points, you can play your part to save animal extinction:

  1. Pay Attention:

Start by ensuring that the products you use are environmentally safe. Always bear in mind that every part you play in saving the environment keeps animals safe as well. Moreover, keep out a look on the cosmetics and toiletries you use. Companies that are well established usually play the biggest part in testing on animals. The label on the products can verify that, if it doesn’t embrace that, you are good to go. Do not be afraid to do additional research to confirm your theory. Most products also use tree oils. However, the oil extraction is done with proper means without damaging the plant. Do a little research to make sure that no plants have been cut off to attain the desired oil.

  1. Avoid Buying Endangered Animal Species:

You will find souvenirs of several places that are made of different animal materials. Avoid buying those products which are just for luxury and an animal product. Take special care while buying these items; since some of these are of endangered species. This fact makes these more expensive and attractive. If you love wearing fur, go for the processed fur that is not made out of animals. Several animals are killed off every year to acquire that hair for a personal luxury only.

  1. Reduce Meat Consumption:

One of the primary reasons why various animals are being extinct is the meat industry of the World. Human beings consume more meat than ever. As the demand increases, more animals have to be slaughtered because of the purpose. A new vegetable dominating diet will allow you to live a healthier life as well.

You do not have to eliminate meat entirely, try reducing the amount you take it. Moreover, consider different sources of protein like nuts, beans, and other products that are rich in proteins. Reducing meat does not mean that you cannot make foods like milk, eggs, cheese, and butter. Moderation is the key to success.

Entrepreneurship at the College Level

Well, August is here upon us and the dormitory rooms are as welcoming as ever, despite the limited amount of room space.  I found myself puzzled by my roommate’s schedule.  He would leave early in the morning before sunrise and then return about the middle of the afternoon.  Then when the rest of us were heading out for dinner and to either the library or to an evening lecture or study session, he would be off again until late in the evening.  Then he’d be studying until late – often after midnight.

Entrepreneurship at the College Level

After two weeks of this I had to ask what was going on.  It was only then when he explained that he had a side business that he had operating; it was his way of earning cash to help pay school expenses.  He worked for a few hours at a pet shop, where he helped take care of animals abandoned by their owners.  Then after attending his classes or lectures he’d go walk pets for a number of customers – some of whom he’d first met while working at the shop.  This usually took about 3 hours or so – he’d grab something to eat while walking the pets.  Then he’d return home, study and get a few hours of sleep before heading out to the pet store for his morning routine.  He even had cards printed advertising his dog-walking service – they had pictures of him wearing his classy athletic wear outfit he’d bought from 6 PM with a Groupon coupon for nearly 60% off – that he handed out to customers of the pet shop.

What was most interesting was the fact that he could set his own schedule – often working only three or four days per week, while looking after peoples’ pets.  He could then dedicate the rest of his time exclusively to schoolwork or personal concerns.  By establishing himself as a business entrepreneur in college he’d already begun to make the kind of contacts and business acquaintances he could use for his future career.  By using Groupons he was also marketing his services to future prospective customers.  And their satisfaction continued to result in expanding his clientele.  In short, he was a successful businessman who was in the process of earning his college credentials.

Superlative Dog Crates to Buy for Your Pet Dog

When it comes to talking about training the dogs or other pets, there are two schools of thoughts. Some people deem it necessary to let their pets know about the rules and regulation they have to follow every day and for every task. On the other hand, others find it cruel. They think that dogs should not be put under strict rules or else their innocence gets lost. The same thing goes when it comes to a dog crate. A dog crate is a box in which the dog is put in for some time. Where some people think it vital to have a crate for dogs, others believe it is cruel to keep a dog in a cage. Read on to get to know all the possible advantages of a dog crate and these would aid you in making the right decision in this regard. You can walk through the to get yourself a dog crate for your dog or a puppy. There are several choices available there to choose from; you can get a fancy one or a simple one, however, ensure to buy one which is robust as well as affordable.

Superlative Dog Crates to Buy for Your Pet Dog

Try these on for size:

  • New World Dog Crate

If you look forward to finding a crate for your dog that provides your dog with a personal space for him, you require buying the New World Dog Crate. If your dog is big in size, you have to get your hands on this crate, as it is one of the best dog crates for the big dogs. One of the finest reasons is that the vets recommend this crate for your pet. This crate comes with wires, which makes this dog crate most adored because it is expandable. The big dogs are difficult to put in a crate owing to their huge physic, and that can damage the crate. The New World Dog Crate is fantastic and robust enough to endure the effects of the movements of the big dogs.

  • Amazon-Basics Folding Metal Dog Crate

Amazon-Basics Folding Metal Dog Crate is a great option to choose, as it comprises a folding feature. No matter what’s the size of your dog, you can get it for yourself because these crates come with a great range of sizes. Alongside, this dog crate is suitable for all the breed of dogs. This crate embraces heavy duty metals, and the slates let the dog take their paws come out of them. Furthermore, the safety level of the dog is quite high while the dog is in this crate!

  • Carlson Secure & Compact Single Door Dog Crate

This dog crate is the utmost choice for you if you have a small budget, but you would like to have the best crate for your dog. The pan this crate comes up with is removable and is made you high-quality plastic. You will not have to work hard when it comes to cleaning the crate as it is very easy to open and tidy up no matter how much of the mess is created by your dog inside it. The sturdy steel this crate is made up of makes it the best choice for a bigger size dog. The front door of the crate can easily be opened, and a way can be made for your dog to enter and exit!

  • Pro-Select Easy Dog Crates for Dogs and Pets

Another amazing crate you can have for your pet is the ProSelect Easy Dog Crate. It entails a medium size yet big dogs can be put comfortably inside it, as it is made up of the strongest steel. The pan comprises of a robust plastic and can be removed easily and cleaned from time to time.

How Animal Friends Can Help You Manage Chronic Disease

If you are suffering from a chronic condition then the chances are pretty good that you are against animal abuse and animal sacrifice because you realize just how hard life can be when you live in pain and agony each and every day.  Animals can be great friends and can be used for so many great purposes.  Chronic disease sufferers can also manage their conditions much better by getting the right four legged friend as a pet.

Dogs can help you stay fit

Most chronic condition such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and viral diseases rely on a good fitness level and good health in order to be manageable and so the sufferer can live happy and active for as long as possible and this is exactly where dogs can help you out.  Your dog can be a good running buddy because working out can benefit the both of you.

How Animal Friends Can Help You Manage Chronic Disease

Dogs are commonly used for therapy

By now you have probably heard that many dogs are trained to guide and aid blind people but dogs are used in therapy much more often than this.  Dogs are trained to assist many disabled individuals in activities such as opening doors and more.  They are also used in many medical firms as therapy pets to help those with mental injuries readapt much quicker.  A therapy dog can also be of great help to chronic disease sufferers that become handicapped by their condition.

Horses can give good distraction

Horses are also used for therapy purposes.  They provide great distraction and are especially useful to help people manage trauma.  Caring for a horse and taking frequent horse rides can also help chronic disease sufferers fight off depression and shift their focus from their condition because there is something fun and exciting to look forward to in each and every day despite all the aches and pains that chronic sufferers experience each and every day.

Cats are good companions for those terrible days

Everyone has bad days but a chronic sufferer often has the worst of days where they just feel horrid for no apparent reason.  Cats are great companions for these terrible days because they are so easy to snuggle with and they are often good for a few laughs with all the crazy things they do.

Get the right health plan and manage your chronic disease better

While animals can be greatly beneficial in the management of chronic disease, they aren’t all you need to live a better life.  True Health Diagnostics is a medical organization that specializes in chronic conditions.  They can give you a proper diagnosis for your condition and the medical experts can help you develop a workout and diet program that will optimize your health and give you the best chances of a long and happy life.  Booking a consultation at one of their clinics is one of the best things you can do for your long term health and will help you enjoy your life, animals and activities for much longer.

Reasons Why Yulin Food Festival Should be stopped

It happens every year. There are about 10,000 dogs that are slaughtered in China just to do this festival. There are a lot of protests all over the world about this type of festival but it seems that they are still bent on continuing the event because it is a part of their culture and tradition. It enrages people from all over the world. A lot of people have created open letters to no avail. The festival is going to continue and it will not be stopped.

The case is not similar to the one that Stephen Collins is experiencing though. There was a time when he was highly popular and was a respected actor but all changed when he was accused of molesting underage women. His victims have spoken one by one and since then, people started seeing him in a different light. Even his co-stars do not want to work with him anymore. It will be easy for one person to be ostracized and stripped away from the limelight but it is always different when it comes to full and big festivals like the Yulin Festival.

Reasons Why Yulin Food Festival Should be stopped

These are just some of the reasons why people are angry that this festival is still ongoing:

  1. The ways that the dogs are killed are considered to be inhumane.

The dogs are skinned alive and can feel every pain that is connected to letting them get killed as they are smashed with hammers all over and over again. They are also sliced with chainsaws to make the whole process easier for them. There are some dogs that are tortured publicly. They are ran over and dragged until they die.

  1. The dogs that become part of this festival are not only composed of strays. Some of the dogs have owners as well.

Since there is a certain amount of dogs that are needed for the occasion, some of the dogs are stolen right from their own homes. It does not matter whether they have owners who love them. As long as they are dogs, they will be taken forcibly from their owners.

  1. The dogs (both strays and with owners) are placed in small cages and would have to bear an uncomfortable ride going to Yulin.

There are a lot of dogs who are unable to take the stress and discomfort brought about by the trip especially since most of them have not eaten anything. Some also die from dehydration so a thousand dogs may be dead even before the festival starts. This can make dog meat unsafe for consuming because the meat is already double dead.

  1. The festival has increased the number of rabies cases in the area.

There are a lot of dogs that may be inflicted with rabies and now, even people who have eaten the dog meat are afflicted with rabies too. It was believed that eating dog meat can cause good luck but if getting rabies is the effect, is this truly good luck?

With all of these facts about the Yulin festival, it is best if this festival will be stopped at the soonest possible time not only for the dogs but for human beings who may become affected by the diseases that dog meat carries.

How to Get a Pedigree Cat Cheaply or Free: Save Money and Help Cats by Adopting a Persian, Siamese, or Similar

Pedigree Cat

With kittens of known breeds costing more than $500, many prospective owners think that having a pedigree cat is beyond their means. But there is another way. Pedigree cats do come up for adoption, either through ordinary cat rescue organizations, or specialist pedigree cat rescue societies. Or it is sometimes possible to acquire ex-breeding pedigree cats. So how can you go about this?

Pedigree Cat

A Pedigree Cat from a Rescue Organisation

A prospective owner should contact the rescue centre and tell them what breed he is interested in. Many cat lovers fear that they will be looked down on by rescue organizations for having specific preferences in this way, but this is not the case. Cat rescue centres like to know that they can find a good home for a breed with specific needs. For instance, Persian cats need owners who are prepared to spend time grooming them, and Siamese cats hate to be alone and have loud voices.

For more info on different cat breeds and things you should know about cats, click here.

A Pedigree Cat From a Breed-Specific Rescue Society

There are a number of rescue organizations for specific breeds. The prospective owner can either do a web search, or contact the breed club for that cat breed, as some rescue organisations are affiliated to the breed club. This may be a faster way of getting the cat breed you want than waiting for one to appear at a general cat rescue organization.

An Ex-Breeding Queen or Stud Cat

Some cat breeders sell on their ex-breeding queens or stud cats, after neutering them, after a few years or if the cat is not doing that well at shows, for instance. This can be a way of obtaining a show quality pedigree cat at very little or no cost. However, do remember that some of these cats will have been kept indoors for all of their lives, and may not be used to ordinary family activity.

Some breed rescue organizations re-home ex-breeding cats, but others do not. The prospective owner may be best to do a search and then contact specific breeders, who may well advertise if they are passing on their cats.

Points to Bear in Mind When Re-Homing a Pedigree Cat

These cats may be in need of a home for a specific reason, e.g. they do not get on with dogs or children, or they mess the house. Find out first and make sure it is something you can cope with.

Owners should be familiar with the breed, or find out what it is like in advance. Do not take on a Persian, for instance, unless you have time to groom it regularly.

Prospective owners may have to wait a while for the more popular breeds, so do not be in a hurry. Those who want kittens will probably be disappointed, as these are rarely available for re-homing.

Taking on any cat, pedigree or otherwise, is a lifetime commitment, and prospective owners should regard it as such. But if you decide to re-home a cat in need, of any breed, then the best of luck!